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When are you supposed to first visit hospital? Rss

Hello all,

Thanking both of you, Tepe and Maddychelle for the extra responses.

Maddychelle, in answer to your question about finding out the sex of the baby- no way! I have always imagined a nice surprise at the end of all that pain with somebody telling me: "ooooooh, it's a giiiiirl" or "oooooh, it's a boooooy". Maybe my thoughts are like this because it's my first, I don't know. It is a bit of a waiting game but I'm willing to wait. And anyway, I'll just use you for excitement when you tell me what you're having! To be honest, at this stage, all I'm thinking is please let me have a healthy baby and a bearable labour.

Had a bit of a scare yesterday. Fairly bad lower back pain but nothing short of the ordinary. Then some cramping, didn't think much of it as I feel as though I'm over the 'dangerous' stage. No bleeding but funny coloured urine. Go figure. So I resort to my trusty book. The page on miscarriage reads something like this: "pain often begins with lower back pain and is later felt as abdominal cramping". So, as you can imagine, I am freaking out but at the same time I know I'm not really bleeding, yet I'm panicking because that could be next. So I do the whole lie down and rest the feet on some pillows bit and call my GP. She says that because my 12 week ultrasound came out as normal she wasn't too worried. I'm now about 14 weeks so she tells me to relax until tomorrow (I'm meeting my ob today).

And so, here I am waiting until my appointment time. Nothing major has happenend between yesterday and today. I hope everything is ok. Maddychelle, one miscarriage is bad enough but you know that two would be a killer. I pray that the ultrasound shows similar results to last time. I don't think i could handle another one, especially at this stage. It's not like the last one, that happened at about 7-8 weeks (I never had back pain with that one). The longer it's in my belly, the more attached i get.

Well, I've spilled my guts and am feeling better being able to share this. Thanks all. Keep you posted.




Hi Super,

I hope and pray all is well with you. I'm sure you will be fine. I am surprisingly good, even though I've felt pretty rotten the past few days, morning sickness and the like. 12 weeks on Friday and going strong. I feel really positive and so in tune with my body. I am sure I can feel my baby moving. It is kind of a bumping sensation from the inside and gets me pretty excited. I know what you mean about the longer the baby is in there, the more attached you get. I am already counting down the weeks till I can meet the little angel / miracle that grows inside me. This is likely to be my last pregnancy and I am trying now to relax and enjoy every minute.

I love hearing about your progress and sharing my progress with you. I will tell you the sex of my baby in a few weeks when I find out. I will share the news with the whole world. I'm just feeling so much happier and at ease with this pregnancy.

Thankyou for all the kind things you say and for taking an interest, it is really nice.

You take care now and please let us know how you go with your next appointment.

Michelle smile
Oh shux Michelle, you stop being so nice! You're embarrasing me. My face is still beetroot as I type this reply.

Seriously, the feeling is mutual. It's nice to share the good and the bad with people who are in similar situations. Most of my friends don't have children, so I know it can be a bit tedious if I go on and on about the pregnancy.

Ha, ha, 12 weeks on Friday for you and since visiting my ob the other day, I have discovered that I'm further than they thought. So, while you are beginning your twelfth week, I am beginning my fifteenth week on Friday. So all's i gotta do is subtract three from my number of weeks every Friday and voila: I know how many weeks you are. Bloody genius, that's what I am. So, in case you haven't already figured, all is well. The ob was as nice as I wanted him to be and thought that everything was fine. Mind you, I wouldn't mind somebody explaining to me what's going on with the sudden groin pain on one side and the sudden cramping. Normal? Dunno. We'll just have to wait and see bc everybodys experience is different.

Baby moving at 12 weeks? That's pretty cool. I'm still waiting, unless I'm getting the cramps confused with movement. Guess I'll be feeling it pretty soon now, then I'll know the difference.

Well Missy, thank yoooouuuuu for taking an interest, i too appreciate our little chats. I'm estimating that you can tell me the sex of bubs in about 6 to 7 weeks. That'd be about right I'd say. Or is Miss Clever Trousers (moi) actually wrong? Doubt it.

You keep on being happy. Hope the spughing stops so you can feel even more elated.

Lotsa love,



Howdy there Super,

Well I've just litterally JUMPED over the 12 weeks mark... the first trimester is over so I am just thrilled. So glad to hear that all is well with you and all this impatient mum can say is "Lucky Bugger" to you... 15 weeks and going strong by the sounds of it. Stretchy, crampy feelings are pretty normal by the way. I have just started to show, I have a round tummy in front of my little body! I was all baby with my daughter and didn't put on any additional weight, so chances are if I'm lucky I'll do the same again. I've gained about 1kg in 12 weeks. I am feeling so much better, the nausea has settled right down and I haven't been sick for quite a while (touch wood!!)

A few things to look out for, movements of baby in the early stages have been described as bumping, wind, hunger pains, a bubble bursting, butterflies in the tummy etc. With my daughter I felt my first really definite movements around the 5 months mark. This time I can just feel everything really distinctly. The only thing I have had a bit of latley is a bloated feeling.

And I am craving so much junk food that I have to stay clear of the shops when I'm hungry!

I look forward to hearing more from you soon "Miss Clever Trousers"

Michelle smile

Hello Skinnyminny,

You think iii'm a lucky bugger???!!! Look who's bloody talking. No weight gain? As long as I'm putting on stacks of weight, there ought to be a law against that. 1kg in 12 weeks. Byceramba, I've put on about 4kg so far. I am stressing a bit about it but I know I'll do something to lose weight if I feel the weight gain is too extreme (naturally, only after the baby is born). At the moment, I always feel too scared to move too much in case I hurt the baby. I don't really want to do any more than what I used to do prior to falling pregnant. My craving is for potato, but that's really no different to my normal feelings at the best of times. I've only really given in to them twice during pregnancy, so that's not too bad.

Speaking of round tummys, mine is certainly looking that way, but I still want it to get bigger so I really, really look pregnant. Don't you hate the early stages, where people who don't know you look at your belly wondering if you are pregnant or just fat?

Thanks for your list of things to look out for, I'm always wondering about what is normal. Stretchy crampy feelings, yup. Wind, mmmmhhhmmm (that's just disgusting because I have never and still refuse to do 'that' in front of hubby) but that's probably a little bit too much information. Hunger pains, yes, especially in the middle of the night but I just let that pass because I feel I eat enough during the day.

Another episode this morning. Really weird. I have curly hair so I naturally sometimes like to straighten it (because we all want what we can't have). Anyway, my arms started killing me so I started doing a really ordinary job just so that I could finish. I put the hairdryer away and suddenly felt really dizzy, hot, sweaty and shaky. I held on to the bathroom bench as I felt like I was going to pass out. I don't know how long passed but when I came too (whilst standing), my legs were shaky and my teeth were clattering and I was sweating big time. Don't know. I'm no drama queen and I'm normally a strong and healthy person but it was pretty scary. Can't figure if it was the heat, having my arms up, or perhaps some kind of deficiency of iron or something. Will ask the ob next visit.

Some wonderful news for me- I became an auntie for the first time on Saturday. Awesome, he's absolutely gorgeous. Between me and the rest of the family, he is going to be one loved little boy. Watching the delight on my brothers face was as lovely as meeting my nephew. Nephew. That sounds so funny. I still can't get the smile of my face.

Well, you keep staying away from those shops, goodness knows we wouldn't want you putting on another whole kilo (sacre bleu)!

Anticipating another reply.

Lottsa Lovin',



Hi Super,

Well it looks like I opened a can of worms with the wieght thing. Just to add a little insult to injury I've just lost about 1/2 that 1kg I put on due to illness. I got one of those 48 hour bugs that leave you vomiting non stop and running to the toilet. It was pretty scary being that sick and pregnant. I was so concerned about dehydrathion and how it might affect bub. Luckily I am starting to feel better, but the recovery process has been slow. Not being able to take all those wonderful medications that we take for granted when we are not pregnant is tough. The bad news is the bug has gone through my whole family and right now my husband is quite ill. Hope this thing passes quickly.

I've been thinking about your little spell and I am no expert but it could have been related to blood pressure, or low blood sugar. I sometimes got dizzy / faint spells in my first pregnancy if I hadn't eaten for a while. But then again it could be something else...

How bizzare... I became an Aunty on the 13th January to a little nephew too. My sister in law had a baby boy and they called him Justin. I haven't seen him yet due to being ill, didn't want to pass that on to a brand new bub. Hopefully I will see him some time this week. My sister in law actually lives in Alice Springs but came home to be near family in Qld to have the baby. So I wont get to see him that much.

So you must be going on nearly 16 weeks (on Friday)... well this is what I can tell you: your baby is about 7.5cm long and weighs approx. 14g. Reproductive organs are developing but it is too early to determine the sex (not that you want to know any way). I will be 13 weeks on friday and my baby is about 5.5cm long and weighs approx. 10g.

I just wanted to add I wasn't bragging about the weight thing. I actually consider myself very fortunate. About 2 days after I gave birth to my daughter I was back to my pre-pregnancy wieght (a size 12). And as for avoiding the junk foods, its a health thing, not a wieght thing.

Well I'd better run, always SUPER to hear from you (hee, hee, hee) Take care, look forward to hearing from you soon,

Skinnyminny (Michelle) smile
Hey Skinnyminny,

Don't be ridicilous, I know you were not bragging about the weight thing. It was just me being crazy and trying to give you a giggle. If you can keep the weight off, then this is a good thing, not something to feel funny about just because some schmuck like myself says a few silly remarks. As far as avoiding junk foods and trying to stick to a healthy diet goes, my thoughts are very similar. That's enough of that subject and I'm sorry if I came across as being snide.

The bug thing sounds pretty awful. I hope you are feeling much better now and that it has finished affecting the family. Bubs better be ok too!

Ah, the dizzy spell. You have a good point, as I'd just woken up without eating when I had my shower. And it had been hours since my last meal. I'll just have to make sure I don't do that again.

The timing of the births is pretty amazing. It's a shame you won't get to see little Justin much. I would die if I didn't get to see my nephew. But then again, things might be different when I have my own. I'll still adore the little bugger, but at least my mind will be occupied on other things. It is through sheer will power that I have not seen him for a whole two days. The brother and sister in law are fine when I go round, but I know I have to give them their space- it's just hard to resist not seeing bubs, that's all.

Thanks for the information you give, it's great. It's like having a free and caring GP all at the same time and I never thought that was possible!

Well, have chosen my hospital and it looks like a great one. They allow for a five day stay which sounds good. I don't know if I'll feel like staying that long or not but it's handy to know. So many questions to fill out! They want to know my blood type and I don't even know it, can you believe it? This is going to mean another bloody test.

My tummy grew huge all of a sudden between the 15 - 16 week mark. It's huge, and there's still ages to go. People are starting to notice now.

Until next time, take care of yourself.

Big hugs,


PS- Thirteen down, approximately twenty seven to go. It'll be here before we know it.


Hey Super - Dooper,

Good to hear back from you. All is well on my end of things, fast approaching the 14th week and no more morning sickness or nausea... I could jump for joy, if I wouldn't look so silly.

I have my first antenatal appiontment next monday at my hospital, I'm looking forward to that.

I hope unlike me you don't have a negative blood type, because if you do it means more injections for you. I have O-negative blood and each time I fall pregnant, weather I have a miscarriage or a bub I have to have an injection. After my daughter was born... thankfully she is O-positive, I had to have an injection and I sure do hate those needles! When you are pregnant you can start to feel like a pin cushion.

So are you 16 weeks now (4 months)??? I have lost track already. It must be nice to have your nephew close by, I will miss mine... when I had a cuddle with him I didn't want to give him back. And our family still doesn't know I'm pregnant and I couldn't tell them that day and take the shine off the new baby... Its a long story. Only the world of the Huggies Forum, My husband and my friends know about this pregnancy...

Well, my daughter - Miss Maddy has just woken from her nap, so I'd better get going.

All the best till next time smile

Hello sunshine,

Hope all is well. Certainly sounds like it, so glad you are all better now. This forum is dieing up the backside lately. What's going on I wonder? Everybody still away?

My blood type is O+, thank goodness. But my sister in law has an RH- and so does my brother. How freaky is that? Only 15% of people have a negative RH, so it's pretty amazing that two of those people somehow landed together. I hear you about feeling like a pin cushion sometimes, especially when you don't have prominent veins like myself.

What's taking you so long to tell your family about your pregnancy? Waiting another couple of weeks perhaps? I had to do the same because if I didn't it just would have been constant worrying because of the previous miscarriage. Your story sounds a little different though. I decided to tell mine on new years eve (it happened to land on what I thought was my twelfth week). Like you, prior to then, my husband and friends knew.

Tell me all about your first antenatal appointment and I will fill you in on my ob appointment which is on Tuesday.

Take care Michelle and say hello to Maddy for me.




Hi Super Sweetie,

I am dying to tell all the family about my pregnancy. I am 14 weeks and starting to show, but... first it was, I will wait till after the 12 week mark and then share the news, now it is just waitng for an appropriate moment... it is very complicated, but the short version is that my sister in law who had her first bub - Justin on 13th January is not coping causing a lot of stress on my in laws, she is showing no interest in bub and is trying to get back to full time work already! Bub is only about 3 weeks old. My S.I.L is refusing flat out to breast feed, not even trying once after the birth. She doesn't want to spend time with her bub and is not the least bit maternal. It is not post natal depression, she is not upset or stressed or anything for that matter... Not to add a sob story here but my mum died when I was 14 and my dad died when I was 22, so I have no immediate family to share the news with. My in laws are my family outside of my husband and daughter. I am getting really upset about the whole thing and I am torn with feelings of guilt because I know that I sound heartless. But I'm not heartless!! I didn't share the news sooner because of the excitement of the new bub and didn't want to take the shine off that, but damn it... is it my turn yet??? No. I have to wait this ridiculously long period of time and keep this precious baby a secret a bit longer. Plus I just feel like no one in the family will be excited about this baby and that hurts me a lot.

Oopps, sorry for that out burst. I had to cancel my doctors appointment for Monday 2nd and put it back to next Monday 9th Feb... don't ask, it is another family dilema that I have temporarily put my life on hold for. It just isn't my time.

Forgive my winge... not feeling like sunshine and lollie pops today, that's for sure.

On the wings of a butterfly I send you happy heartfelt wishes and I look forward to hearing about your ob appointment on Tuesday.

Maddy my darling daughter, my little ray of sunshine is simply the best thing to me and is one of the few things keeping me happy at the moment... hugs back to you from Maddy too.

Talk soon (if I haven't scared you off)

Michelle (stuck behind a cloud) :C

We are all here for *super* (no pun intended) big hugs whenever you need us.


love steph :oX

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

Have I offended someone for building a re-pore with Super???

Is there a problem you would like to discuss with me here???

I am a nice caring person who likes to chat with people...

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