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When are you supposed to first visit hospital? Rss

Hello Stephanie...

I finally get it!!

So sorry...

You said and I quote...

"We are all here for super big hugs when needed"

You weren't actually talking about "SUPER" the person who started this post, were you?

You were offering me super big hugs and of course I got it all wrong.

Now I just feel silly.

Accept my appologies and please reply so I know all is okay with you.

Michelle smile
yes michelle that is exactly what I meant you big dag smile

at least everything is sorted now

Love Steph smile

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

Now i understand too..... :}

sorry Steph

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Thank goodness Steph...

Yes I am a self - confessed big dag smile

I am glad it is all sorted and hope we can all continue to leave our posts in harmony.

Thankyou for your reply.

Michelle smile

P.S. Glad you get it too now Tepe... we all finally get it... yippee

Hello Michelle,

Course I'm still here you big dag. Although, after reading that we worked out the code of Stephanie's letter..........I was considering quitting.
I can't believe that after all this time, it turns out it wasn't actually about me. Here I was feeling special and..........well...........(I seriously didn't know what the message was- does that make me dumb?)

Sorry, i had to pause for a while there, I was busily sobbing in the corner. And as for Stephanie, i really have to think hard about if I want to keep in contact with her, in the end, she wasn't even writing about me!!

Actually kids, without trying to sound important, I've been a bit busy at the moment. Not only that, I have to sneak in to use the computer. Everyone around me keeps telling me to keep off: "Don't use the computer, the radiation is bad for the baby". Blah...blah...blah..."don't talk, it's bad for the baby, don't stand, it's bad for the baby, don't sit, it's bad for the baby".

Look forward to writing to you all asap.

Lottsa Love,


PS- Glad it's all sorted.


Well howdidooda lovely Chelle,

Glad to hear you are ok. You told the in laws yet? No? Well do it now. Just do it, it won't hurt you. What about hubby, does he feel the same as you about telling his parents? I actually think you may be surprised and that this may be news they'd actually like to hear. It will brighten up the stessfull situation they are in now.
How is the sister in law doing? Any improvement there?
My pregnancy is going well. A little stressed about the financial situation but who isn't anyway? That's old news. If the finances were better, I would have tried for children at least five years ago. We gave up, figuring that if we waited until we could afford them we'd be too old to have them anywas.
Went to the ob and told him about the dizzy spell. He said that pregnant women were more prone to fainting especially when standing for long periods in hot rooms (I think he was talking about me there).
I don't know how to tell the sister in law politely that she needs to burp the baby more often. I almost cried today when she was feeding him. He was still hungry but stopped trying and his face was all red and he was shaking his little hands and legs all over the place. She eventually stood him up but I think she took way too long. I felt like yelling: "frigging burp the poor bugger, stop torturing him!" But then I think, it's not really my place. I don't know...........

Anyways, until next time, take care.

Love Super.

PS- STOP MOVING FURNITURE AROUND YOU DINGBAT! If you ever tell me that again, I'm going to have to fly over and bop you over the head. Got it? Look after yourself and think of the baby. And whenever you feel down, try to think about how your mood will affect Maddy, that should pep you up again. In case you didn't already know, I would like to remind you of the fact that you are fifteen weeks today! If I don't hear from you soon, good luck on Monday.


Hi Super-Sweet , Super-Wonderful - Super-Kind,

Great to hear from you and glad to see you remember my 15 weeks mark! Thanks for that. I appologise for not knowing quite where you are up to now...?

As for the furniture moving it is under control now and promise not to do it again... cause I am so scared of you and I don't want to get bopped... hee, hee. But seriously I am taking it easy now.

There is no change with the sister-in-law... I have chosen to stay out of it for my own health and sanity! But will continue to listen from a far.

I am much happier now and am looking forward to my antenatal appiontment on Monday.

Also mother in law is coming home on Sunday (tomorrow) and M.I.L and F.I.L are coming to visit us on Thursday... The big day, we tell them the news. I feel rather positive about it now.

Hey, just a thought but would you like to exchange e-mails with me? If so, I can be contacted at I would love to continue chatting with you, but should probably stop airing all this so publicly.

As for your sister, you could try to politley, subtly suggest things or on the safe side just bite your tongue and leave it alone... tough call on that one, trust me I sure know the feeling... I want to shake my S.I.L really hard and tell her to wake up to herself. But somethings are better left unsaid.

I really hope to hear from you soon, either here or in my Inbox.

Till then Super-Special,

All the best... Michelle the Dingbat smile
Hey Super and other Mum's,

Sorry if I caused this post to go a bit pear shaped for a while...

Everything appears to be sorted and we are one big happy bunch again...

Cheers and big hugs to all...

hi super
1st congrats
2nd i was in the same situation
your doctor should tell you and write a letter to the midwife to book you in
good luck
its a joyful occasion hey?

DD may 03, DS oct 06

Hello Super and all those mum's following my story,

I just wanted to add here that it all has a very happy ending...

My family, all of them, now know about this pregnancy and it was extremely well received.

Yippee................................ smile

All that stress fro nothing!!

Oh well, life goes on...

Super you must be ready to deliver soon????

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

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