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Implamon (implant Lock Rss

Please help..

just wondering if anyone knows what would happen if you found out you were pregnant and you had the implamon in?? I have a fealing I might be.. a few little symptoms have croped up...


Emily, NT, EDD June 24th

You should definitely go to the doctor and get tested, because there could be side effects of the implant. Or at least ring your doctor and ask what they think.


Sarah - Zac, Jordan, Keyahla, #4 EDD 16/05/09

I fell pregnant with my 3rd child with Implanon in as it wasn't inserted properly. There were no side effects and they just removed it.

I had Implanon put in, in March this year. Doctor didn't ask me to have blood tests or a pregnancy test. Its now confirmed that I was pregnant before it was put in. OB/GYN has assured me it would not cause any problems, they just removed it.


*expecting no.4 in November*

Hi everyone

a chick i know is only 16 had the implanon in & fell pregnant, so it is possible.

go to your gp and get the test done as the doctor may have to actually remove the implanon to find out if you are or not, this is what my mate had to do.

hope this helps,


I fell pregnant(number2) with the implanon in and as i was already at the docters i was lucky because my GP told me it needs to be taken out straight away. My implanon was inserted correctly an i still fell pregnant even with my first we used three forms of contraception and still fell pregnany so i now know that the only contraception that works for me is no
Initially i had know idea i was PG but we will take it out to be safe get some blodds done see the results an if you arnt we can get it put back in...I was so lucky he told me this as with what he was telling me it can cause problems for the baby... i would reccomend you see your GP asap.
Srah20 DH21 Jamee-lee20mnths
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