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  5. feels like been pregnant for 2 years! Feel so unattractive!

feels like been pregnant for 2 years! Feel so unattractive! Lock Rss

Hi, i am due for number 2 in august although number 1 was only born last august! so by the time i lost my baby weigth i started gaining it again. I feel so unattractive and big1 My poor husband. We r only young and havent been together long. he says it doesnt matter but i feel like he doesnt find me attractive.. I know its not long till its over and i can get my body back. I love being pregnant and knowing my son is inside me, but i also want to be able to look good for my hubby and to dress in something nice other than a trackie!
Anyone else feel this way? How do i make myself attractive?

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

I am sorry you feeling unattractive at the moment, you are right, before you know it you will get your body back....

Not sure if a nice facial will cheer you up? Or go and look at some nice maternity clothes? Pumpkin Patch always has nice stuff.

Many many people think preg women look sexy and fantastic, try and enjoy your belly while you have it haha.

You will be ok smile

my littlepossum 12.09.03, #2 edd 09.02.06

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