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Cant get enough!! Lock Rss

Hi there, I was just reading some of the other posts about some of the women who cant stand being touched, kissed etc by their partner/hubby. Just wondering if there was anyone who is opposite??

With my first two pregnancies I couldnt stand hubby near me but for this one I am so completely randy it's not funny, hubby's actually getting a bit scared of me!! I think we've had more sex during this pregnancy than we have had in our entire marriage! We didnt find out what we were having this time and we only have boys so far so I'm thinking maybe this one is a girl?? Lmao just wondering if anyone else was the same and did you have or are you having a boy or girl??

me 24, hubby 25 four boys age 4 and under :0)

im the total opposite i cant stand it at all i do feel sorry for my husband but he hasnt even mentioned it.

one nite he tried to touch me and i screamed at him and told him to get lost. lol i felt so bad, BUT when i do feel like it then i feel like it then and there.

im having a girl

just thought id share my sex life with you lol then again WHAT sex life



Might just be a coincidence but both my girlfriends have a boy and a girl each and i ahve a boy and preg with #2. All 3 of us while preggers with our boysi were disinterested in sex and couldnt care if we had it or not. Whereas when both of my girlfriends were preggers with their girls they were randy as all hell and i must say iam feeling much the same this time around but am not finding out the sex. It will be interesting to see what i have and how things go as the pregnancy progress'.

Just thought id add that to see what other people say...

Karina =)

When i was pg with my DD i all i wanted was sex sex an more sex so far with pregnancy number to i havent wanted anything to do with it. So maybe im having boy.

Although latly im beginning to want sex a heck of alot more i guess that because i want my body back i have two weeks go practically until EDD.

Sarah 20 DH 21 J-lee 20mnths an 30/6 cant wait

Im have pregnant with a baby girl and poor hubby is feeling sorry for himself cos he is have a "dry spell".

Maybe Im the odd one out?


Hi there,
just had to add in that,i too,am extremely randy!!!
though i must admit i do have a high sex-drive at best of times!!& my hubby is as well, scared of me at the moment.
Dont blame the poor bugger!!!he actually has gone off sex,probably out of rebellion!!he says he feels uncomfortable having sex when im pregges and wishes there was a tablet so i could have to lessen my sex-drive!!!lol!!!
I must say im sick of the rejection as it makes me feel like crap.does anyone else have this problem???
I have found ive been more randy when ive been pregges both maybe im having another girl??time will tell in 10weeks..
omg,cant believe ive written this!!
Would love to hear back from people...

Bec,VIC,MIKI 16/7/05 JELLYBEAN EDD 24/8/07

hehehe!!! LMAO!! Thats gorgeous Becs! It's really weird for me, while I usually enjoy it SOMETIMES this way over the top of top! Hubby is overwhelmed! Lol! Plus with the other pregnancies it was an absolute no no until I was due and then it was only coz they told me that would help me go into labour! Poor man doesnt know what hit him!! And no the rejection is not cool! I usually sulk for a few hours but then I'm too horny to be angry and have to go try again! LOL! OOOOOHHHHHH I HOPE I'm having a girl!!!!

me 24, hubby 25 four boys age 4 and under :0)

Haha, I was like that when I had my boy, couldn't get enough, DH was so excited when I got pregnant 2nd time around but couldn't stand it when I was having DD. When I was pregnant with #3 (M/C ) I was the same couldn't get enough, isn't it funny how your body reacts!
Same, i have 3 boys 2 girls and am 27 weeks pregnant but we don't know the gender this time.. With my boys, i would be all over DH 24/7, i would be at his work, morning afternoon, who cares i had to have it ...a lot... then i fall with the girls, and zip, nothing, diddly squat!!!! needless to say, my DH is sure this one is another!!!
I am like that with my boys too alwaysawake. HAVE TO HAVE IT. My husband almost goes into

With my girls none.

Mum to 5 amazing gifts from God. 3 girls 2 boys

How funny! Gotta tell ya about my friend who got "randy" during labour! She started clawing at her DH sleeve and telling him how sexy he is and how much she wanted him. He said "Pull yaself together woman, you're having a baby!" She's jumped him a few times and popped the buttons on his shirt, leaving him clutching the front of it shut and saying "Stop it, you're scaring me!"...the fact that he's a big tough bikie with peircings and tatts. Hard to imagine but funny as anything!!!!
BTW no objections from my hubby about my current desire levels. Was all over him with last preg (boy) and same this time (have been told girl). He even says I'm allowed to use his body whenever I want....says it pays to keep the Mrs happy!!! lol (such a sacrifice!!!)


lmao some of these stories are heaps funny!

I kinda go up and down, 2 weeks ago i was all over my fiancee and now i'm just into kisses and cuddles, it's driving him crazy! i must admit though when i went through my randy patch it was every single day! which for me is so rare it isn't funny!

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