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Cant get enough!! Lock Rss

I've been up and down. During the first 4 months I couldn't have him near me, then all of a sudden I was waking him for it, waiting for him to get home from work for it, jumping him in the shower. The poor fella couldn't keep up. lol.
I'm 30 weeks now and the body makes me alittle selfconscious though he is really turned on by it. He thinks its cute that I've gone so shy all of a sudden.
Oh, My first born was a boy but I was single and sex wasn't an issue, as you need a man for that. I didn't mind going with out though. My DH thinks we are having a girl now and going on this info, he could be right.
[Edited on 26/07/2007]
I have one boy and another on the way and my poor husband is starting to get scared of me too. I just cant leave him alone. I guess I should think myself lucky cause at least he still wants to be with me and has no problem with my growing tummy. I am not sure if it matters what sex the baby is I think it might come down to how you are feeling about yourself and your growing tummy. I have 11 weeks to go and I feel great but I cant wait to have my body back.

I totally have the same problem with my partner I couldnt have written it better. He gets angry if I try it on. You are right about how the rejection every time sucks! he uses the exact same excuses. I think its because ive put on 45 kilo and he thinks I am too gross.

Ive just decided that if he doesnt want it now, then he aint getting it when he does, I know... i am so childish!!!

Stewies mummy

I must say being pregant has bought about some of the best sex I have ever had. Personally I think sex is about quality and not QTY but my man would disagree. He finds my pregnant body amazingly sexy, and we both want it more than ever!! I would suggest if u girls are not in the mood to try some candlelight massage sometimes that can really get me in the mood when there looks like there will be absoultly no way!!
GOOD LUCK to you all!!

As for those men who are freaked out by the addition to your body - What the? It is possibly the most beautifal thing that can ever happen to a woman - I think they are more scared of hurting bubby than anything??

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