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I think im losing my mind. I have no sex drive at all what so ever....the idea makes me sick! what is going on? everytime hubbie trys to get close i loose my temper and snap at him and push him away. I've tried to explain how i feel to him but i dont think he gets it.

I feel like a right cow everytime. I cant help it at all, i even tried to fake interest and i phisically felt sick! We used to have a great sex life but now we havent had sex since i conceived!

What on earth do i do? Is anyone else the same?

I am 36 weeks pregnant with my third child and I went through similar experience at the beginning of this pregnancy, although I was worse I think. I now put it down to hormones at the beginning of pregnancy. I absolutely could not stand the sight of my husband. I hated him coming near me and the thought of him touching me made me sick. So I started down a destructive path of being so nasty to him that we fought all the time. I actually hated him at the time. Things settled down after a month or so and thats when I realised it all seemed to be me causing the problems and thats why I put it down to hormones. Not sure whether this helps you or whether you are having these feelings, but thought you should know you are not unusual, just pregnant.

I'm the same. I would prefer not to be touched most days but it comes and goes. It's more kissing that I don't like these days.

With my DD, I was the opposite. The joy of hormones ... unfortunately, guys just don't get it. scrapbooking - ask me about it ..

I went through this at the start until the morning sickness stage ended at around 4 months...after that I couldn't get enough of him...Now at 29 weeks and rather big I get really self conscience and feel uncomfortable being naked in a sexual way with my man...The poor guy. I wonder what will happen until delivery and after, but he knows I love him.
i'm like that at the moment, am really hoping it will pass soon (so does hubby lol) I wasnt like that with my other 2 pregnancies so dont know what to do, I have no interest at all and I find hubby very annoying when he is trying to get in the mood, I do at least once a week though to keep him happy cos I feel soooo mean.
hey smile

I got this way at about 25weeks pregnant with my first, after he was born things were ok again, then we got busy and things droped to once a week, once every two weeks, im 26weeks with my second now and i think we've had sex twice this pregnancy..i dont like the kissing either! Hubbys really understanding, i just hope SOME sex drive comes back! I feel bad
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i have the same thing happening and feel terrible about it!
Me and my fiance have always had a really good sex life and he has always been able to please me.
Now, ever since i fell pregnant (and im not even huge yet) i cant stand it. I get no pleasure out if it, its uncomfortable and no matter what position we try, i cant seem to finish if you know what i mean.
He says he understands but also makes little joking comments about it so i know that he feels rejected.
I still try to have sex occasionally just so he's not going without but he knows i dont enjoy it.
and i cant even ask how to overcome it because based on everyone elses posts, theres not much you can do to control your hormones!

Like the rest of us I'm in the same boat smile. I can't stand my boyfriend even kissing me at the moment. The poor guy has had his fair share of being snapped at and slapped away. I feel like such a cow at times. He's got a mate a his work whose girlfriend is expecting too and he always brings up how they both sit there at smoko and complain about not getting any, so I reckon its a pretty common thing that guys just have to put up with.. Hey I think its pretty minor compared the things we have to go through tho.


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omg im not the only one yay! ive just started a new relationship with someone who ive been friends with a long time. we like start hooking up because i dont want to hurt his feelings but i pull away because i just cant do it. i felt so bad about it i cried and my poor man had no idea what was going on or what to soo glad that other people are going through this and im not just losing my mind. seriously i thought i was going crazy. i dont think theres anything we can do about it but knowing your not alone certinally helps

i love being a mother!

OMG I am exactly the same. I have tried talking to hubby about it but he doesnt get it.
When i was preggers with my daughter i was the total opposite couldnt get enough but now, i push hubby away and i am nasty to him, we have had sex once since i found out i was preggers and i found out at 3w5d, i am now 12w 2d. I feel bad at times and i hope things will change soon

I think it is common (by the looks of this thread!)
I am 25 weeks and not interested at all. I am just so uncomfy. Poor DH.
He is soo lovely and understanding but when he wants to and I don't I feel really bad and have ended up in tears even though he isn't pressuring or attempting after I say no.
I just manage to work myself up about it

x Jo

LOL Dont worry! Same thing here, we have prolly had sex 2 times since I found out I was pregnant. DH is all good and I am content with cuddles in the morning on a weekend and he feels bubs kicking away.

Its all hormones, some women are GO AWAY! and other women are COME HERE! lol

AH well what can we do? vent together *Hugs*


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