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well ive got 4 weeks to wait and im sooo nervous!!every pain i get i think its starting!omg this is soo freaky..
just wondering who else is at my stage as i cant wait any mum told me that the last month is the seems like 9 months all over again,and the pains are so annoying..does anyone experience cramps in the lower tummy when they sleep?i get to the point where it is soo sore to move.i have real bad sleeps so i find im soo tired during the day so i have naps and they are better.
Well good luck to everyone who is anxious and waiting!

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i've got 4 days to go.. due on sunday.. its exhausting now i think i might go over unfortunately, but you never know.

HI Jayla
Yes the last few weeks are a tad nerve wracking and definitely a waiting game!!
I had Braxton Hicks all day today, which was a pain to say the least!! It is frustrating when it doesn't turn into anything!!
I am crossing fingers that I don't go over as I think most people do, as I am having a big baby!!

Hang in there, babe

Charlie 14-Holly 11-Callum 9-Jasmine 7-Aston 2

4 weeks to go, today.
Part of me is like, Weeeeeeee only 4 weeks to go until i meet my baby (and find out if it's a Mitchell or a Minnie!!)
And the other part is : ohmiGod, only four weeks of sanity left before 3 months of sleepless nights and waaahing baby.

very excited

3 girls under 3

2 days and still nothing ladies!

6 days for me!!
I have 4 weeks to go as from today (my EDD is 1st Nov). I cant believe how fast this pregnancy has gone. I cant wait to meet bub but at the same time I have my fingers crossed she will come past her due date (my 1st DD did). Why?? well because we are moving house this weekend & I want to have some time to organise the new house & get settled before all the chaos with a new baby smile Wonder if it will work out like that?
Good luck ladies! Not too much longer to go now.

My countdown is 12 days..!

I am hoping it will arrive in the near future! I so dont want it to go over.. well I am trying to take one day at a time.. instead of thinking "oh no what if it goes over"!

Well good luck and lots of patience to all of us that are waiting.

Good luck to you all waiting!!
I've got 5 weeks to go, part of me thinks bub will come early in a way I'm hoping so, but in a way i'm hoping not. I still have to go shopping for a car seat yet & dont' really want to go into labour in the shopping centre, wouldn't that be one to tell!!
Best luck to you all!


heya ladies..i have now got 16 more days to wait..omg everything is going soo slow..i just want this over and done with so i can start living my life with this baby..ive already got all his clothes ready from birth to one year lol..i want to make sure he has the best from me.well good luck and post me when u all have ur babies..i'd love to know.

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ive got now 8 days to sooo nervous and scared..

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good luck jayla smile
you will be meeting your precious baby soon enough

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