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Dad doesn't want baby Lock Rss

Hi everyone,
I really need to have a big cry to you all.
My partner and I decided we wanted to have another baby in Feb 05, so I went off the pill and nothing happened for 4mths, then about the middle of June our finances weren't looking too healthy and "he" decided I'd go back on the pill and we'd wait. A couple of days after deciding this I missed my period and so pressumed I was pregnant. I, therefore, didn't go on the pill again. now three months later I finally did a pregnancy test (we were in the middle of moving and finding a house up til now so didn't really have a chance to do it before) and it was positive.
My husband is now saying that "we" decided that I would go back on the pill so why am I pregnant? and that I stayed off the pill just so I could get pregnant when he didn't want anymore babies.
I also overheard his conversation with his brother in law where he said that I "trapped" him and he doesn't want the baby.
We have a 18mth old as well, so it's not like he is staying with me just for this baby.
Since I heard him say that he has been nothing but angry towards me and saying that it's my fault if we are broke cause I can't work cause I'm pregnant. I am actually thinking about leaving him as I can't take much more of this anger. And if he doesn't want this baby then I will have it on my own along with my 18mth old son.
I have my mum and dad living close by so I guess I will be living with them for a while if I do leave.
Please, I need advice. Life's horrible at the moment.
Also, sorry it's such a long post!
Really sorry to read your post and to hear you are having a tough time. I always wanted a 3rd baby and we set a deadline of my husbands next birthday for getting pregnant, anyway it happened and I am 23 weeks now. When I was only about 10 weeks he said he did not really want another baby and that I had forced the issue, it really upset and shocked me as we are in this together -also my eldest son I brought up alone for 7 years as his dad did not want to know so I know all about being a single parent. He seems to have got over it now and now that I am showing and he can see that it is real he is ok and planning for the future again.
Try and talk to him and tell him how you feel and how upset you are. Point out you can't live with the anger and perhaps it is better if you stay with your parents and see how he reacts. You never know the idea of loosing you might shake him a bit and make him see reason.
Wishing you well.

Nikki, Brissie, mum of 3,

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