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Whats up with dishing out the epidurals?? Lock Rss

Hi, Im just wondering what the procedure is in Aussie with the epidurals and c-sect are you just able to ask for one and youll get it? From some of the post I have read it seems that way. Over here in NZ they certainly dont just give you one, you basically have to be having major complications before they even think about it. I had complications and had been in labour like a day and a half and my mid wife still wouldnt give me anything apart from the gas, which I had three bottles of!! in the end I was so tired I was falling asleep in between contractions and I would wake up to everyone trying to be qiuet and looking at me... then I would cry and say "Are we still here??" in a real whiny type voice!! Anyway, Id love to know how they do it across the ditch. I got pregnant when I lived in Aus and came home to have my baby here in NZ and was just curious....
Hello Enigma. I dont think epidurals or caesareans are just a thing you can walk on it and request. They are a medical procedure which obviously are taken very seriously. I know of more people who have been refused an epidural then people who have had one. It probably makes a big difference if you are private or public as the government pays for you in public, but in private you pay for everything you use even your food and dressings. I had to have a caesarean as it was medically necessary for the well being of both myself and my child. I didnt want it and would not have requested one. In OZ you are really looked down upon by a large majority of people if you have a caesarean and are treated as though you are a failure or took the "easy" way out. Some people even apologise to you when they hear you had one which is really strange. There are some women who do request a caesarean for personal reasons but you would have to be a private patient and you would have to shop around to find an obstetrician who will agree to do this for you.
Having had a caesarean let me tell you they are no walk in the park. You are not supposed to drive for 6 weeks after it. You can not lift anything heavier than your baby for 6 weeks, which means you cant lift the washing basket or go grocery shopping. My pram was heavier than my child and it physically hurt to lift it in and out of the car. I had to wash my baby in the kitchen sink as I couldnt bend over the bath or lift the baby bath. Lets face it you have had every major muscle in your stomach cut!! Then they go into the baby in a "Z" direction from there and use forceps to pull your baby out. There is a risk that your baby will be cut or you can haemorrhage. I had to sign a discharge stating I am aware that I could die during the operation. Medical professionals label my sons birth as a dramatic birth. I dont remember after the baby was born as I was so drugged out of it and kept sleeping or vomiting. The nurses gave my child his first bath and my husband was shown how to put a nappy on and how to wrap baby in a bunny rug which he had to show me the next day once I was allowed to get out of bed. I slept that night in the same gown I was wearing in the theatre complete with blood and yuk from my baby as I wasnt able to get out of bed until the next afternoon to have a shower. You also have to wear support stockings as you are not very mobile and you have an increased chance of DVT.
That is a very basic discription of a caesarean which doesnt even cover the 100's of complications so if you still think that having a caesarean would be much better, than you are a stronger women then I am. Also you just have to look at the web site to see how often a NZ women replies as to a OZ women and that may explain why you mainly read about OZ in this post. Next time you get a chance go to the left hand side of this page and click on advance search and type in 3rd Degree Tear, that may open your mind up to just how "easy" some women get it over here.
If you are still concerned about your treatment you received during your labour perhaps you could bring this up to your Doctor or Health Nurse and see if you have a case to lodge a formal complaint.
My daughter was induced and eventually delivered bu emergency c-section. I had gas then pethadine and eventually asked for an epidural. The midwife asked me to keep trying without it, which I did but both the midwife and my other half could see that I needed it so they gave me one. I thnik it may depend on the hospital and its procedures. It was considered a last resort thing where Jessika was born.

Baby: Jessika

hi calebsmum,
I just read your post, its seems you may have misread my post as I in no way was insinuating that having a ceasaerian would be easier, I am fully aware how horrifying they are and am so over the moon that I was able to have a semi-natural birth. I was just curious as to what the procedure was and thought if Id stayed in OZ maybe I would of ended up having a c-sect because of the difficulties I had during my labour. Some of the posts I have read have lead me to believe that they would give you an epidural if you basically ask for one if youve been in labour for a certain amount of hours. Thank you for sharing your story and Im sorry if you thought I was un happy with giving birth naturally, on the contrary! thanks again
i hve a freins who ha an epudora with hte babys birth afer 26 hour of labor whe she had no 2 she requstea an epidural and her doc sined the form prior to admission but midwife wouldnt let her hve one she is still mad 2.5 yrs later thiwsa the same hospital tht i had to wait 3 hour fo an epdural in the end has a csection anyway

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi all,

On the epidural thing.... my first labor it was suggested to me as i could not stop pushing from about 7-8cm. I delivered a healthy baby girl soon later, painfree.

Second time around, i arrived at hospital and was asked by the midwife if i had any kind of birth plan. My only response at the time was i want an epidural, she examined me and said i was already 8cm, but she would try for me. 40mins later, the epi was given to me, and i was given a break from the last 15hrs of pain. An hour and a half later i gave birth, far from pain free this time, it just started to where off as i started pushing.

This is not to say that epidurals don't have a lot of negatives attachments to them, but they provided me the relief i needed, when i needed it.

Best of luck,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

I live in Tassie and they seam to hand epidurals out like lolly pops down here maybe it is just the hospital procedure. I was refused gas and pethedine when i was in labour with my first and was told to have an epidural. Which ended in a emergency cesear so i ended up having a spinal block as well. With my third son i recieved much the same walked in the door asked for pethidene was told no but i could have an epidural which ended in another emergency cesear. 80% of births around here i would say are with epidurals it is very common. It just goes to show how different hospitals have different views on pain relief.

Stacey, Tas, 4 boys

when i fell pregnant i knew MYSELF this would not be a natural birth. i was MADE to try natural. which nearly killed my baby. we had an emergency cesearian and after 10 hours of nasty pain since i am not allowed the gas as i am a really bad asthmatic i opted for an epidural i had the epidural in for another 6 hours in that time my daughters heart rate had dropped fast and if there was no epidural i would have been knocked out and my fiance would not have been allowed in to see our daughter be born. i am opting for another c when i fall preggas with number 2 for my childs safety i am not listening to the doctors this time.

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

i dont believe they "dish out" epidurals at all. if you move when you are being given one they can damage you so bad you may not be able to walk again. i dont believe they jus dish them out at all.

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

hello Everyone. I had an epidural with my daughter when she was born 8 yrs ago and i asked for it. they were happy to give me one after trying the rest of the pain relief that didnt work. Anyway we are due with our second bub in 5 weeks and i will be asking again for epidural if i cant handle it. The only side effect they told me about was if i had epidural that i would prob have to have forceps delivery. I was not worried about that at all. I think if you need a stronger pain relief there should be no hassles in giving it to you when you want it. Not when a midwife or doc think you can handle it. Its our bodies & we know how much we can take. My feeings of course. everyone is different. smile

Shian 10, Ashton 2, Janna 8mths.

I have experienced first hand the things that go wrong with epidurals. With my first one i was in so much pain i could'nt stay still and they had to hold me down and it ended up puncturing something he should'nt have and 2days after i had excruciating head aches when i lifted my head. So i had to have a blood patch done where they take blood out of your arm and squirt it up your spine and try to get the hole they created to scab over then you have to ly flat for 24hrs. I understand that this is more than most likely my own fault. But i was just one of those people that thinks that it won't happen to me.
With my third child they were getting me ready for a emergency cesear and i had a student doing the epidural and some thing went wrong and something crossed to the placenta when it sould'nt have and my son was born with breathing problems. They did'nt work out why untill they tested everything and found the drugs they gave me for the epidural in the placenta. This was all i had i had'nt had pethidine or gas and i don't take any other drugs so they put it down to the epidural crossing the placenta which i was always told did'nt happen.
but i think when your in pain you just want it gone and you are'nt really in the frame of mind to think of the things that can go wrong especially when you move.

Stacey, Tas, 4 boys


With my first child, I simply had him with gas. he was premature and very tiny though, and the Labour was almost pain free, it only hurt for about a minute, which was all it took to push him out. He was tiny though, and passed away not long after he was born.

With my second child, I went through TWO sets of labour. The first time was after an operation I had to have due to the complications that had caused my son to be born premmie. I went into labour the first time at 35 weeks, and because I already had the Epdural catheter in my back from the operation they allowed me to use it, but they DID make me wait three hours before I was allowed any medication through it from the onset of labour.

The second time i went into labour with her was her induction at 38 weeks, and they let me have an epidraul after five hours. Both times it saved me a lot of pain, as I was in labour for 15 hours and then second time around 18 hours before I had to have an emergency c-sect due to problems.

Apparently it is a lot better if you wait until after you are 5cms dilated before having an Epidrual. I know here they refused me Pethadine because research has shwon that it weakens the baby's desire to breathe when they are born, and can cause complications to the baby requiring Nursery care, so they don't give it in the Hospital iwas in unless it's totally necessary for some reason.

I'd say that usually they tend to give Epidurals to women who have complications or are in a lot of pain from early on, as an Epidural removes all pain sensations, and allows the mother to sleep through a long labour and remain in good spirits and well rested, not totally exhausted. The onyl downside is that when they know you are close to needing to push they may refuse a top up, as they usually want you to get your sensations back for pushing, otherwise you need to have an assisted delivery more likely than not.

Like with anything, there are pros and cons to both sides! I wanted a natural birth for my little girl, but after five hours and only 2cms dilation, but a LOT of pain, it was the best way to go, and ended up allowing me to be awak for my daughter's c-section birth anyway.. smile

Wow.. I talk a lot! Teeheehee.. Hope that helps.. smile


Mum to Belle 10.10.03 & Max (Born & Died) 24.07.02

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