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Whats up with dishing out the epidurals?? Lock Rss

I had an epidural with my first, had planned a waterbirth, but the pain was so bad I couldn't cope. I asked for it and there were no problems with giving it (this was at Christchurch Womens) For a start the pain relief was fantastic, but when they topped it up it didn't take on the left hand side so I was in absolute agony. I can't remember how far along I was when I got the epidural, but I stopped progressing at 9 cm as my son was posterior, so ended up with a C-section. Apparently even without the epidural I would have ended up with the C-section, but I have since found out that if the epidural fails the pain tends to be much worse than it would be otherwise (probably because they have to put you on the drugs to keep the contractions going).
I am due for my second late June, am definitely keeping in mind an epidural again, but will go as long as I can without.

Rachelle, NZ, son George 10.12.02, Ian 15.06.04

I had an epidural after 36 hours of posterior-baby hell. I stayed at home for the first 34 hours and had the epidural almost as soon as I arrived at National womens. the Midwife organised it, I wasn't sure because of the needles, complications etc. but I don't regret having it for a minute. I was given syntocinon to speed my labor, and the doctor let the epidural wear off during transition to time the contractions coz bubs kept kicking the belt. I also had my waters broken after the epidural.
I don't feel I missed out on labor pains by having an epidural, or that I'm a wimp for having one. The body is not designed for three days of labour and I'm pleased that the outcome for me was the normal vaginal delivery of a 9lb baby girl who turned from posterior to anterior on her way out and i ended up with a tiny tear and no stitches. Next time I don't want an epidural as a matter of course but if things take their time as they did last time I'll be calling for one!

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

Hi all,

i really think the most important thing is to have knowledge before you go into labor,

i think most people have the intention of going drug free till they get there, (Me anyway), but we must all be prepared for all the possible issues that come with child birth,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m


i agree with the other ladies in that it can depend on who is looking after you and what the hospital policy is. i dont it makes a difference if your public tho.

my first baby was induced and i had the gas, pthadine and then an epi topped by an emergancy ceaser. it was dissapointing that at 10cm his head just wouldnt fit :/ babies 2-5 were all ceasers also, so i've never had a natural altho i have managed to go into labour myself twice.

what i can say is this, i've had 3 epis and 3 spinals, 2 different things both with similar outcomes, and i have residual backpain from them all. i've also had the spinal headache which is just the most horrific migrane you could ever imagine, when this happened i had the blood patch which is where they take the blood from your arm and put it in your spine where u had your needles from the op. it comes about from fluid leaking from the section where they put the epi/spinal.

anywho, at the end of the day i think the benefits outway the possible disasterous outcomes.

sahm to 5 midgit circus freaks

i had to be started ff having the gas but then it was too much and i said give me the good drugs and the epidural was pput straight in, no problems.
I was induced and didn't enjoy the whole experience!
I didn't have any pain relief for ages. Pains started after the first gels at 8pm Friday, stayed all night, nothing happening in morning, so more gels, still nothing so had waters broken which was HORRIBLE!!! The dr was rough and took ages and it was so yuck.
Then had drip put in and had contractions etc, by 7.30pm Saturday I was yelling for a caesarian! I just wanted it over. They said uh no, you can't have a caesarian, how about an epidural? And I was like YES anything to stop the pain!
So got epidural and it was bliss and little munchkin was born at 9.37. I think I had one top up after initial dose - couldn't feel a thing pushing, but pushing was only half hour and was fine.
Had a couple of stitches for a minor tear and that was it!
I did want a natural birth but the induction just pushed me too far.
This time I'm hoping to get stuck into the gas sooner so that it has an effect and I'll try to get thru it by myself, but I'll take the epi if I need/want it!
I'm in New Zealand and I asked for an epi and they gave me one..This was the case with both of my boys They just ran out of time and i had the baby before they could put it in!

My baby is georgeous!!

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