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Very sharp pains Lock Rss

Hi all,

This is my second pregnancy, i am 35 weeks and everything seems so much worse this time.

The Braxtons are really strong and very uncomfortable, but they seem to get worse when i am walking around and have progressed to being extremely sharp pains right down low. It kind of feels like the babys head is right in there, but my doctor told me last week there is no descent yet, so i'm not sure that it would be the head there at all.

I just wondered if anyone else had experiend sharp pains with their second like that, or worse braxtons and how their labour ended up, whether it was early, late, normal etc.

Hi mickeyboo,
is the pain right on the pelvic bone? if so, it's probably the pelvic joints (1 in front and 2 in back) that have become unstable. This generally can occur late in the pregnancy. Unfortunately, I developed an unstable pelvis early in my 2nd pregnancy and was under the care of a physio and also had to wear a pregnancy belt the physio supplied. All movements like walking, climbing stairs, and dressing whilst standing can cause the joints to inflame and as such you are actually aggravating the injury all the time. As a result i spent most of my pregnacy resting to stop me reinjuring my joints. If it is really bad I suggest you contact a physio that specialises in women's health. I was so bad i had to have ice packs on the pelvic joints for 20mins every 2 hrs for a week and then after that it was 20mins last thing at night to give the joints a chance to recover. There is alot of things that you can do to help with the pain, but you should see your doctor and/or physio to confirm if it is an unstable pelvis.
You only have a few more weeks, try to take lots of rests - preferably lying down in bed and don't do too much.
Good Luck

Vic, 2 girls - 9 yo & 17mth old

Hi Mickeyboo, I have been having similar pains. I am at 35 weeks as well with my second & my pains have been like really bad period pains. They stay for a bit then go & come back later ect. Its not an everyday thing but it is quite painfull. I asked my doc about this and he thought it may be streching pains for labour. apart from that i cant help you much at all sorry . My baby has dropped so maybe i will go early. Good luck & hope you find an answer . smile

Shian 10, Ashton 2, Janna 8mths.

Hi Janis,

thanks for that, i see my doctor tomorrow so i will be able to check everything out properly then. I think the baby dropped on Saturday, i'm not sure, something went 'thud' down there and if it wasn;t he babys head, i don't think i want to know and i don't think i want a repeat performance of it either. My first didn't engage till iwas in labour so i really don't know what it is supposed to feel like.

Thanks for your advice, good luck with yours too i hope everything goes well.
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