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how early was you elective caesar? Rss

hi jus wondering when u were all booked in for elective caesars? i was booked in on the 27th of jan 04 but my due date was feb the 4th.. this makes it 9 days early.. this time round i am due feb 24th and she sid i will go in between the 16th and 20th of feb.. the 16th fair enough but i get scared the 20th is too late and i mght go into labour befoe then.. how early did u guys go?

24 year old mum to 2 beautiful girls

Hi there, I am due to have my fifth baby between the 12 feb and 15 feb but have been booked in for my fourth caesar on the first feb. My prev preg was also done 12 days prior to my due date, and the previous two I actually did go into labour, with the last not knowing I was in labour at all and being 2cm dilated. My last little buddles of joy was born weighing only 2770gms or 6lb 1oz, which was fairly small but healthy. Hopefully this one will be healthy too. good luck
Hi Rebecca J,

I'm due on the 4th November but I'm booked in for the 20th October to have my Caesar.

Therefore I will have my baby 14 days before the due date.

I am due on the 19th of Nov,but am booked into have my caesar on the 9th of Nov.So Im having it 10days earlier.With my daughter though Iwas booked to have a caesar on the 1st of March(98)but my waters actually broke on the 28th Feb.It was no big deal,You just have to go to the hospital straight away and they will get you preped asap.
Good luck ladies!!!!
Kikki - 33weeks

Kelly,WA ,30wks Pregnant

hey ther with the elective c section i was just wondering how you go about it and does it cost any thing if you are public


I have had 3 caesars and they have varied,my first I was due my dates but overdue by theirs,my second was 12 days early and my third was only 7 days early but they said i could up to only 5 days early as even if I did go into labour they would take me for caesar straight away anyway.

Mel,Qld,3boys & a girl


Although at this moment I do not know how I will be giving birth, I have heard from many recent mums I know that they were booked in approx. 2 weeks early. It just seems to be something that the doctors do.

Melissa, WA, - paige 14mths & jack due in June

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