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ultrasounds continued Lock Rss

Hi there!!!
Thankyou to all those that responded to my e-mail.
I phoned the hospital only to be told that they don't do scans at 12 weeks, that the letter they sent us was for their antenatal clinic at 20 weeks etc etc.
( Very confusing)
Anyway after being totally confused by the girl on the phone I was told to go back to my GP and get an x-ray form so I can have a scan ( I think) and get a general checkup.
So after all that we have a doctors appointment next Tuesday, hopefully she can sort this whole situation out and MAYBE get a 12 week scan.
Will keep you updated.

Renee, Qld, Mother of 2

hi there
i think they only usually do an ulktrasound at 12 wks to do the test for downs syndrome. thats wenn i had mine.
i was told id only have 2 free scans thru my pregnancy and nemore i wuld have 2 pay 4.
i had mine at 12 & 18wks the another @ 36wks due 2 complications.
hope this helps

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