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where did your water break? Rss

I have a fear of my water breaking in public, i just wanna know where your water broke and how did you cope?


mine was great!! it broke when i went to the toilet at the hospital, literally just before i had my bub!! i was also dreading it happening in public ... but i guess it'll happen when it's time ... regardless of our situation smile

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

My waters and muscus plug went at the same time on the toilet at home, and then the rest of my water arrived just as I sat in the wheelchair at the hospital triage and it went all over the floor. But did I care.... not in the slightest. The reason I didn't care was the fact that I didn't have to clean it up. he he he smile

Mum to Three!!!!!

Hi Jodiechaps,

With my son my waters broke while I was watching TV at home - I had just got home from the shops about 20 minutes before, Thank God!!!! I felt this kind of POP inside my belly and then a trickle so I stood up to head for the toilet and then GUSH!!!!!!!!!! It was 2 weeks before my due date and totaly unexpected.

With my dughter my waters broke while I was sitting on the bed in the maternity ward. I had her under 2 hours later.

Hayley, NSW, Liam 07/02, Beth 09/04, Nate 03/06

All 3 times my water never broke till I was about to give birth. Once it broke I knew that the pushing would start in no time!

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

My first pregnancy my waters broke in my local cafe in a shopping centre I was lucky that I had on bike shorts and had my mum with me but it was ok the car wasn't far and I lost more in the car.The only thing that went through my head was i'm going to have my baby soon and I don't know if anyone else knew or not what had happened.
My second was as I was getting out of bed at home
My third was broken at hospital.
My fourth broke at hospital.
Where ever it happens don't worry it's only natural and people are understanding.

all the best and don't worry

sharon perth mum of 4

mine broke at home too. I had been getting Braxton Hicks contractions on and off for a week or two and then the day after my daughter was due they started at about 10 in the morning and didn't stop, coming every 10-15 mins. Then when I was sitting down watching TV at about 8.30 I felt a little "pop" like a bubble in your belly. I quickly went to the loo and as I sat down a little trickle came out like going to the loo but with no control. Then I got real contractions about 3 mins apart..... time to go to Hospital. My waters were Meconium stained so though I was only 1.5cm I didn't get sent home.
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