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What to pack Lock Rss

HI Everyone.
Im going to be a first time mummy and thought I should get a wriggle and on get packing for hospital .
Im really at a loss of what I need.
Can you please add to my list :-

For Me :-
3 Pairs of Pj's
8 Pairs of Undies
Pair of Socks
Shampoo, Conditioner , deodrant , face moisturiser , lipgloss
Breast pads
Maternity Pads
Mobile Phone charger

For Baby :-
4 Short Sleeve bodysuits
3 Longsleeve Bodysuits
3 Wraps
Huggies Wipes


Makaylas mum


um... how about some food for energy whilst you're in labour, stuff to entertain whoever is in there with you, batteries for the camera, magazines for afterwards
i got told to pack a soft roll of toilet paper for after the birth - hospital toilet paper is like sandpaper!

I forgot to pack for baby mittens to stop scratching and a dummy. I didn't think I would pop one in her mouth, but I did.
Maybe you might like to take your own pillow...
don't forget to pack clothes that you want to come home in! Plus a maternity bra or two.
Bring a handful of 20c pieces for public phone too.
Other than that, sounds like you're pretty much set.
with the toilet paper issue if you have stitches or are in a lot of pain buy some extra baby wipes for yourself
Hey Kaz,

Some one else has posted this same question in one of the other forum things on this site and there was suggestions of thongs for the shower cause of risk of tinea.

mmm i know heaps of people don't like the dummy idea but i say definately take one, i found with m y first i was constantly putting my finger in dd's mouth for comfort and she would fall asleep - wish i had a dummy.

It depends how long you are going to be in hospital. I am planning on being in there the minimum 6 hours after birth then coming home.

So you may need more, you may need less....

Mummy to 3 little goblins

hat for bubs.
Phone card in case problem with your mobile
Hairbrush for baby in case it comes out with a full head of hair wink
Bottles,steriliser and formula if not breastfedding

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