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Hi ladies just wondering if any of u have really painful lower back pain I get it throughout the day but in the evening it is really bad (so bad sometimes i can hardly walk, i tend to limp a bit until i get moving around, this is also the case when i get up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet & 1st thing in the mornings). I'm having a lot of trouble sleeping I put a pillow in front 1 behind 1 inbetween my thighs and tend to sleep on my left side but nomatter what i seem to do or try I am in PAIN all night. It's like a corked right buttock I've been told it is siatic I definately had the siatic earlier in my pregnancy with the pinching of nerves on this same side but I'm not getting the pinching any more it is more like a throbbing ache all night when all i want to do is get a few hrs of relaxing sleep. If any one has any sugg as to positions for sleeping or how to relieve this pain can u PLZ let me know. I still have 4wks of work left & this is really draining me & making me depressed. THANX =)

Mumma of 3.

Have you tried a Chiropractor? I have this prob too and always go to a Chiro anyway, & did this throughout both pregs and was very pleased with results. I had 9lb10oz baby first and then a 2wks early 8lb4oz, and I'm about 160cms tall and not very big! I also used ice packs on the painful area if needed, after the chiro and that was great too. It needs to be sorted before labour as that won't be that great having an extra unnecessary pain!
PS I also have my 2 children treated by our Chiro & with fab results. they were both treated at 2wks of age first up, and then as often as they need it from then. It stops projectile spews, unsettled nights & days & much more - think about the pressure on the babys spine & neck etc during childbirth (either way c sect or vag), if unsure of this, my email is if you want to chat more. If not, then that's fine. just a suggestion!
Hi Quin,
Im twelve weeks preg and for the last 3 or so weeks I have not been able to sleep comfortably at all. I mean on either side or on my back. If I don't move its fine but if I turn over geez it hurts. At one stage I thought my hips had locked up and I couldnt get out of bed!
What I do is i put all the pillows lined up behind my back and sort of lean onto it. I know doesnt sound particularly comfortable but works for me.

Ronan is the boy 26/04/2006

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