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re: ultrasounds Rss

Hi again,

I went to my local GP today who I think is just wonderful.
Anyway I was a bit confused with the whole 12 weeks scan etc, whether it was necessary or wait till 18-20 weeks.
She told me that seeing I am young and not a high risk pregnancy that the 12 week scan was not necessary but I could have it if I wanted it done.
My husband and I have decided to wait for the 18-20 week scan and keep seeing my GP each month for checkups etc and go to the hospital when needed.
We have also decided on a hospital. We are going to go to Logan hospital as its the closest and the other hospital is full.
Also can anyone tell me at how many weeks until they can tell you the sex of the baby and do you need a amino to find this out?
Will keep you updated.

Renee, Qld, Mother of 2

I was going to post on your other question but as you have chosen the hospital there will not be much point. I am having my baby at Mater but they are not accepting any new people until March. I had the 12 week scan as I am an oldie but in some ways I wish I had not. My second scan was at 19 weeks. They can tell the sex from about 18 weeks but if your bubs is like mine it was not showing us so we have to wait. The only test that is 100% sure is amnio but if finding out the sex is the only reason I would not have it done as it carries a small risk of miscarriage.
Good luck with your pregnancy.

Nikki, Brissie, mum of 3,

Hi. I had an ultrasound at 12 weeks as i was recommended to have a NT scan (dont ask me what NT stands for i cant remember, but i know they compare something from your blood with the amount of fluid on the back of the babies neck to measure the risk of down syndrome). It was cool. I also had an ultrasound at 20 weeks and found out the sex! They were right too!!


I work in radiology and deal with these questions everyday, but please keep in mind states may differ. The 12 weeks scan is known as NT (nuchal transluceny), FTS (first trimester scan) or the 12 week scan. When they first began to do these (in WA) about 4 years it was only common for ladies over 30 or at high risk (previous history) to have this scan done, over the las few years it has become common to be a general part of the pregnancy for all. It think sometimes it a good chance for reassurance and to have the first look at your baby. When deciding to have the scan you have to first decide what your decision would be if the results were not good or if you would rather not know and deal with at the time of birth. Another factor is that medicare do not provide a rebate for this scan so it can be costly. It is sometimes provided at no cost at public maternity hosps or a rebate may be available if done by a ultrasound specialist obst. An amnio (amniocentsis) is a procedure that has been mostly replaced by the NT scan but still done as a second diagnosis if the NT scan shows high risk. The sex of your baby can be determined from 16 weeks but much clearer at 18-20.

Rach - Boy 03.02.04 & Girl 10.01.06

Hello there,
I had to see my GP pretty much the whole way through which did get a little costly. I went to the hospital at ~17 weeks for my initial visit then again only a couple of times. Didn't bother me cos I had to wait up to an hour at the hospital, which was Logan too. My doctor said the same thing about the 12 weeks scan. He sent me to a specialist Fetal Ultrasound Clinic as I didn't get into the Hospital in time and therefore didn't get my free scan at all. They were fantastic and we got a CD of all the pictures and they did 3D/4D ones too. We went at what we thought was 18 wks that turned out to be 16 and had to go back. They told us what she was the first time but we got them to confirm again when we went back. They had no problems telling us.
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