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pregnant with twins, any tips? Rss

I have a two and a half year old daughter and I'm 15 weeks pregnant with twins. I've been struggling a bit as I have been put on bed rest by my doctor because of bleeding and severe morning sickness (I lost 9kgs in the first 3 months). How they expect you to rest with a two year old I'll never know. My partner and family are awesome and help as much as they can but they all have to work most of the time. Has anyone else got this problem? Is there anyone else expecting twins around the 20th of March 2006?

mum of Chyler 23/2/03, Trista 8/2/06 & Kade 8/2/06

Hi, I dont have twins or expecting twins but i do wish to Congradulate you for your pregnancy! I always wanted twins smile!! I have a beautiful 11 week and 6 day old baby boy though. Anyway i hope your pregnancy goes well!!


My EDD is Jan 30th 2006. i wasnt put on bed rest and i didnt lose as much weight as you but i am 25 weeks pregnant with fraternal twins. we found out i was pregnant at week 5.

I too have an awesome partner - he has been a great!! i had morning sickness both in the morning and the evening - but it was very precise when it came on so i felt kind of lucky in that i could 'prepare' myself!! i had it from week 6 to week 11 and every now and again it strikes once more!!

I am now onto the heart burn stage, but morning sickness still wins the day over heart burn. I started to get heart burn around 18 weeks when i first felt 'flutters' from the twins - as the flutters turned to moving/kicking the heart burn has got worse - but like the sickness - it usually comes around the same time in the day and only when i am at work - thank goodness i finish this week!! For heart burn - try drinking lots of milk.

The other thing i would say , and probably the most valuable thing you can do, is join your local Multiple birth club. They have 'twinee' antenatal classes, they will give you a support person up until the babies are 1 year old and a complete network of women who have had twinees and 'survived' !! They also have equipment for hire, library stock and morning teas plus much more.

Good to talk to you - get back to me if you like - would be good to keep in touch with a kiwi twinee mum to be. B

Becks, mum to be of twins


My twins recently turned one and I have to agrre that the best thing you can do is contact your local multiple birth association.

Robynne-69 DH-61 DS1-94 DD1-96 DS2-99 DS3&DD2-04

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