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Vomiting all the time Rss

I am vomiting all the time. every time of the day. and when i wake up in the morning before i have a drink or eat somethink i am vomiting yellow stuff. i cant hold much down. can someone please hellp me im 8 weeks pregnant
I feel for you! I went through this severe all day sickness with my 2nd and 3rd! I did vomit all day with my 1st but strangely never actually felt sick! I couldn't get out of bed for 2 mths with my second but had to force myself when DH went to work as I had to look after our DS who was 2yr at the time...I was running back to the loo to vomit every joke! My 3rd DH knew how bad I got it and so he took me to hospital and it made me feel heaps better...only once I went home it was back! The doc prescribed me Maxolon and I had to take it everyday and even though I still felt horribly sick I was actually able to get out of bed to look after my 2, who were just 4yrs (went to hospital the day after his 4th b'day)... and DD who was 11mths.

Go to your doc...or even the hospital if it is really bad and get some Maxolon or something like it as it was the only thing that helped me and I tried so many things!!

All the best with your pregnancy and hope you can find something to make you feel better!

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

I heard that during a clinical study they found that an actual virus present in the uterus at conception is responsible for causing morning sickness. Maybe you could run this past your Dr. next time cos apprently they can do someting about it. I am 6 weeks with my first and have been fortunate enough not to have any sickness symptoms- I do however find that if I do not have a sweet cup of tea in the morning (as I am not a food person, I can't eat first thing in the morning) this does wonders to take that nauseating feeling away as it boosts my blood sugar levels and that's another cause of sickness. I wish you all the best and hope your symptoms disappear sooner rather then later. Best wishes.
The doctor did a blood test on me when I was in cause of my severe m/s and he said my hormone levels where that high he said I'd be having twins...well, I haven't had any twins yet and if I get that sick with just one baby I pray I never have twins!! Some women just get higher hormone levels and the doctor said the higher the hormone levels the more m/s you experience.

I couldn't keep anything down...even water, which is not good!

Just a there someone there to get you a glass of water and a bikkie or something so you can drink it and have a nibble on something before you get up? It never helped me but have heard it helps with other women.

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Ditto Ditto Ditto to all of you.

I too had horrible morning sickness, vomitting up to 20 weeks as well as migraines because I was dehydrated. I am currently trying for Bub #2 but sitting here reading these posts is making me really depressed as I really dont know if I can go through all that again. My 1st born is now 2 and it makes me worry that she will miss out because I will be vomitting every 5 minutes, she will be upset by this too.

Bec. Mum to Jade (June 03) and Makai (July 06)

Oh you poor thing, I feel so sorry for you i really do. I know exactly what your going through.

I am currently 34 weeks and STILL HAVE MORNING SICKNESS. Yes still have it, you read that right. I think it is the worse thing about being pregnant.

I had really really bad morning sickness up until 20 weeks, I could not do anything, I missed a whole semester of uni. I was just puking all the time and could not hold anything down....

Then it eased up a bit, however i still throw up a couple times a day. Especially in the morning, and I get the yellow stuff too. It just means that there is nothing in your stomach that can be thrown up so you throw up bile.... Horrible horrible stuff I say... smile

I hoipe it gets better for you. What have you tried to 'fix' it? My dr recommended so many things but unfort NOTHING worked. I was/am just unlucky. But I guess the end product is gonig to be great we'll all forget we ever had morning sickness (or will we) LOL

take care


hey i had very bad morning sickness untill i was about 15 weeks doc told me to take maxolon tablets didnt work i vomited more and was admitted into hospital for dehidration dont worry it gets better gdluck

simone,tas,17week old madison

hi this is my first time on this site i love it, so informative. at the moment i am 11 weeks pregnant first time mum.
i am sick in the mornings mostly and i must try the bikkies beside my bed, as i cant keep brekky down at all. Afterwards im tired and sleep for hours. im excited about being a mum and reading other mumstobe morning sickness mine is mild. I wander if there are other remedies that i should try to stop pucking of a morning??

shell g mum 2 b

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