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Hot flushes and sweating Lock Rss

Hi everyone. A friend of mine is due in 9 weeks and is suffering incrediblenight sweats, hot flushes and sweating attacks. She was a little overwieght before her pregnancy and is really big now. I was wondering if anone is expeirencing this or has any info. We do live in Cairns but even with her aircon right down to 14 degrees she is still getting these attacks. I did not experience anything like it in my pregnancy so I don't have any info for her. Anynthing would be great to hear.
I have been getting really hot lately, even though it has only been about 25-30 degrees. I have no idea why it is happening but it is not at all comfortable. I can be just sitting on the couch and break into a sweat. If I was doing something that would make me sweat it wouldn't bother me, but I am sweating for no reason and it comes on really suddenly. Ah well, 8 weeks until I am due so I guess I can put up with it for a while longer. Everyone keeps telling me that it is because I am so many degrees hotter while pregnant but it is still frustrating. Tell your friend that I sympathise with her and good luck with the rest of her pregnancy.

Alicia and Zackari

I didnt really have hot sweats while i was pregnant but had them something shocking straight after the birth and for months after. The doctors put it down to hormone levels changing and adjusting. I dont know if being overweight made it any worse but it didnt help. I couldnt take any of the medication to ease the effects due to other medical conditions. It settled down eventually but wasnt fun. Going through a dose of that now i just stress about one day i will go through menopause!

Though I have had my baby 8 weeks ago, I have to agree about being so hot all the time. I am average size, and live on the Gold Coast where the temp was around the 30+ for the last few weeks of my pregnancy.. when people used to say to me CONSTANTLY "what a bad time to be pregnant, you should plan better next time!" I was hot, yes, but didn't realise hot darn hot I really was until after I gave birth! It was still the same temperature outside but I was unbelieveably cooler! Everyone was complaing how hot it was and I was like really? I am pretty comfortable!!
Thanks for your replies everyone! I too remember the hoorible hot feeling after giving birth. I was sitting in the hospital asking them to turn the ac up and all my visitors were in jumpers!

My friend asked her doctor and he seemed to think the hot flushes were to do with circulation and something about your blood pooling. He said the best thing to do was to lay down when you get one. We both laughed at that - imagine an extremely pregnant woman laying in the aisle of your local supermarket trying to tell people she was just controlling her hot flush! Luckily she only has 5 weeks to go!

I too have put on a lot of weight during the first 2 months - 13 kgs, then another 4 in the third month. I had my thyroid checked and it's underactive, but not low enough for my OB/GYN to be worried about. Yet she does keep on me about my weight! I have been very hot up here in Townsville and sleep with aircon and no blankets. If I do a few things around the house I'm totally wet in sweat. Has your friend had her thyroid function checked?

QLD, due 20 Aug. 2004

No, I don't think she has had it checked as she's alway's just blamed MacDonalds! I'll let her know though because what you've described sounds similar. Thanks!
Hi again,

Remember you also put on a lot of fluid (if you are unlucky enough) and that you have at least 4L of extra blood = 4kg just in that.. then 3.5kg baby, 1kg fluid baby swimming in, 1kg placenta... I put on so much fluid (looked like a balloon!), that by the time I got home from hospital 6 days after giving birth, I had lost 13kg already!! then by 2 weeks had lost 18kg.. then the other 4kg was just too much chocolate cravings!!!!
Oh, I understand weight gain - I gained 30kg during my pregnancy!! A lot of this was fluid and I'm sure the rest was sponge cakes! My son is nearly 8 months old and I've lost 25kg - and thankfully my sponge cake obsession! That's why my heart goes out to my friend as she was a little overweight already. But she has a great attitude and with 4 weeks to go she's not letting much worry her at all.
I am now 34 weeks & since about 20 weeks, which mind you was through winter I have been having hot flushed & sweating. It was rather embrassing as I had a nice light blue top on when mum told me I had to change as I was sweating & starting to smell a little, so I quickly flew into the closet shop & brought a polo shirt. It's weired but I only ever seem to get really hot while wearing maternity tops, if I slip a polo on i'm fine.

My OB seems to think that it's fine, just the joy of carrying all that extra weight around, glad I timed it not to be in the middle of summer, I don't think I would have managed - while also running around after a 20 month old.
i am waking up all sweaty and yuck. i havent put on that much weight, in fact i lost 3 kgs in the first few months and its not like its hot where i live in fact its quite cold. ive just put it down to my partner snuggling up to me and the cat keeping me quite warm. its only at night that i get sweaty thogh. is that normal?

natasha jayde - 1-1-05 ttc #2 end ong this year

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