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Brown Bleeding/Discharge in 2nd Trimester Rss

Hi All

I was just wondering if anyone could ease my fears regarding some bleeding/discharge I have had.

I am 15 weeks pregnant and when I was approximately 11 weeks I woke up to find a fair amount of blood streaked fluid on the sheets, when I stood up and went to the bathroom, bright red blood ran out. I went to the hospital and after a scan etc., they told me that I had a perisac bleed and that everything was fine. There had been no bleeding/discharge since.

A week and half ago I had a CVS (like an amnio) as I had high risk results come back from a Nuchal Scan. Three days later I started experiencing some abdominal pain which at first felt like I just needed to poo, after going to the toilet the pain didn't really ease. I ended up getting back pains as well and this continued for approx. 24 hours before easing off. I couldn't ring my Dr during all this as it was the weekend.

The following morning the pain was gone but when I went to the toilet there was dark brown blood when I wiped myself. I completely panicked (as I was terrified of miscarrying as a result of the CVS) so I went back to the hospital. The Dr that saw me seemed quite vague, the only check/test she did was an internal exam. She told me the uterus looked fine and that the blood was probably just old blood and sent me home. I saw my Dr that afternoon who checked for the baby's heartbeat, which was nice and strong, she seemed to agree that it was probably just old blood and nothing to worry about.

Everything seemed to be fine since (except my stress levels) until yesterday afternoon when I noticed a small amount of brownish discharge when wiping myself, this happened a few times before disappearing. Then this morning I started experiencing some similiar pains as on the weekend (and still a small amount of discharge on and off), they eventually eased off this afternoon but then the discharge became heavier more like the brown bleeding I experienced on the weekend and it is still there now (although it has eased slightly). I currently have no pain. I tried to ring my Dr this afternoon but she was with patients so I left messages for her to ring me back which she didn't.

I am sorry this is such a long winded post but I am really worried as this is my first pregnancy, my husband keeps saying it's just the old blood still coming out and not to worry but I can't help it. I have been on eggshells since I had the CVS.

Any advice or reassurance would be greatly appreciated.

Alex (NSW) - DS 20/3/2006

Hi there,

I have not had cvs or experienced anything like you, although I did have bleeding at 24 weeks which was red and then brown for a couple of days before clearing up. I have copied the following from another site about the risks etc of CVS:

One in five women experience cramping following CVS; 1 in 3 women have some bleeding or spotting, which ordinarily stops within a few days. A woman always should report these symptoms to her health care provider.

I was just wondering what your NT scan results were. I was placed in a high risk 1/82 and advised to have amnio but after much thought and discussion decided not to have it. I have since had the 20 week scan and was told that all appeared fine, though I guess until the birth we don;t really know.

How long have you got to wait for the results of CVS.

Hope that all goes well for you

Nikki, Brissie, mum of 3,

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