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6wk ultrasound shows bleeding in sac Rss


I am pregnant with my third child, my son is almost 7 months and my daughter is 19yrs. Today i went for an ultrasound and was told that there is a large mass beside the baby which looks like ruptured membranes bleeding into the sac. The baby shows a good heartbeat of 102bpm but i am concerened about the internal bleeding. I have not had any spotting other than a slightly pinkish discharge. There has been some very slight cramping. Has anybody ever heard of this before? I have an appointment with my Dr in the morning.

Shari NSW


I am a first time mum-2-b and as most first timers (I think) have read alot about pregnancy and can't say that I have come across anything that sounds like your ultra sound.

I do ask though how they know that it is bleeding membranes? I would wait and see what the doctor says. Could it be possible that maybe you were having twins but one just wasn't strong enough?? I'm sure that things are going to be fine. If it was anything serious i would think that they would have rushed you into see the doctor asap or into hospital.

Good luck

Melissa, WA, - paige 14mths & jack due in June

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