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Sore breasts Lock Rss


I'm 21 weeks pregnant with my first child and for the last couple of months or so I have the sorest, tenderest breasts and my nipples have become sore, itchy and dry. I've tried moisturising them with Lansinoh and other creams but still have problems with them. It has made sleeping at night very uncomfortable.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I often wake up at night with me scratching at them (I know, bad!) even after I've put plenty of creams on them.


1st time Mum to Emily 7/2/06

Hi bigglet

My suggestion would be Emu oil. It is brillant. I have been using it for the last 5 months of my pregnancy, mostly for my belly- it stops the stretch marks!! I have also used it on the tops of my thighs 'cause they were all dry when i first fell pregnant and now they are great, soft smooth, you'd never now the differance.

Hope this helps and all goes well


Melissa, WA, - paige 14mths & jack due in June

Hi Bigglet,

You really should avoid putting creams onto your nipples (unless extremely dry or damaged - which shouldn't happen unless you're breast feeding).

The natural oils in your skin and those secreted by your nipples in pregnancy should be enough to keep the area moisturised, and be careful only to wash them with water because soaps and detergents can cause irritation also. Some of my friends have found that they can only wear certain types of material against their nipples and breasts when pregnant, you can be so much more sensitive in pregnancy to dyes and chemicals (even from those in your laundry detergent)

Hope this helps...

Bianca, Qld, mum of Jaida (14mths old)

Hi Bigglet
I had the same problems with my first don't wait another day get yourself some wool fat cream the pure stuff, absolutely fantastic. Oh and just a warning you might want to put a bit of tissue between your bra and the cream ( it can stain)
I swear by it

Good luck

Juanita, QLD,10/94, 12/96, 01/98, 11/00, 05/06

just from experience from my first child. I found if I put some cabbage leaves in the freezer and when my breasts were sore I would put a leaf in my bra or if they are burning I would use a warm face washer on them. also another thing that might prepare you for breast feeding is get a new soft toothbrush and rub it over your nipples in the shower. this toughens them ready to make it easy when baby is sucking on them. can help them to stop bleeding during breast feeding. also just so you know if the baby makes your nipples bleed through feeding you cannot use that breast for 24 hours. if still not stopped bleeding see your client nurse or doctor.

my email is [email protected] if you would like to chat at any time


Tanya mother to be

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