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Finished work and going crazy Lock Rss


I have just finished work about a week ago and now i'm starting to go a little crazy. You can only do so much shopping a week and so much house work and when your mates are workin there are only so many things you can do on your own HELP!! Any ideas on how to keep my sanity?? hahaha

Would love to hear from you

Melissa, WA, - paige 14mths & jack due in June

hey how long till you're due? How about going for a walk if you have nice weather? Or going to the shops ... even if it's just for a bit of window shopping? Or you could go see a movie on your own ... heaps of people do it!!

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

Hey there missmel I have also finished up wk only a week ago & I'm goin nuts. But this weekend I sat down and made a list of things 2 do ova the next 4 weeks (thats all i have left to go). This may help you and because you still have quite a while to go u can just make an extra big one. I will share some ideas with u I hope it helps I'm a real list person so brace yourself.
*Definately do your X-mas shopping now (I'm trying to get mine done now & with only 4wks 2 go & lots of fluid i can only last an hr in the shops I get too tired. So get it done).
*Send or deliver all your X-mas cards early.
*Nest Nest Nest get the babies rm done/finished.
*Start preparing your hospital bag early (why not you've got the time)
*Wash all your bubs stuff( this is so fun & cute)
*Take weekly pics of your tummy for keepsafe u wont regret it and its great fun to compare as the weeks go by.
*At the start of each wk call all your friends & org to do something with each of them (even if it's only a coffee or meeting one of them 4 thier lunch break) remember u r very availabe, include your family in this as well as your partners.
* Do things u wouldn't normally think of doing like i have ie. detail the inside of your car, clean the oven, clean windows, clean walls, throw away clutter u don't need (it will only have to go when the bub gets bigger cause clutter and toddlers dont mix).
*Some relaxing things you might like to do are ( & these are all $ friendly) Later on maybe in the last month trust me you will need to put your feet up so go to your video shop and hire out old weeklys u never watched and jump on that couch (FEET UP), Sunbake why not get a little colour ( but be careful I've heard a sunburnt pregas belly is very painful and boobies), Go to your local pool and enjoy that feeling of being weight free beacause u get so sick of feeling like a whale & you'll start to get extremely hot soon ( hot flushes, faint & breathless) fun stuff, Relax in a lavender bath a few times a week (remember when your in there FEET UP) this is relaxing for you and the baby, Listen to your fav music not only will it relax u but it's great stimulation 4 the baby so turn it up when your cleaning throught the day (as u get bigger with stronger movement you'll swear the baby is dancing in there).
*Get cooking meals ready for when u go into labour so your partners got stuff for t and when u come home & r super tired & exhausted you can just put stuff in the microwave things like caseroles, lasagne, spaghetty bowl, meatloaf, pasta bakes ect....
*Ask your Dr now ( cause they usually dont tell u till your about a month away) about nipple & vaginal preparation 4 labour & get into it ( I wish I'd known earlier)the earlier the better (& don't 4get those blasted pelvic floor exersizes).

Mumma of 3.

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