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What does it feel like when baby's engaged? Lock Rss


Just wondering what it feels like when bubs is engaged. I'm getting alot of low (at the tip og my pubic bone) pelvic pain & can't roll over or walk without it hurting. I felt like some one picked up my stomach & dropped it on friday & that's when the pain started. Is this what it feels like? I had a baby 2.5yrs ago but he never actually engaged & ended up in a c-sec. they've already stopped prem labour with this one & are suggesting it may come early, but I'd like to know what to expect.

Any advice is welcome! Thanks

CJ, SJ 3/03, AJ 11/05, PJ 4/08

Hey There,

I suppose I am not really much of a help because I never knew by baby was engaged until Ii went to the doctor and he said it was down really low. I was like so its low but not engaged and he said it was engaged. I never felt the drop or the relief on breathing and I still had really bad heartburn (all things that are supposed to ease when the baby is engaged).

But from what I've read etc your pain could be a number of things, of course being engaged is one but it could also be the muscles etc getting ready for the birth or just a simple pregnancy related pain.

But if it feels like someone picked up your stomach and dropped it I would say baby had engaged or at least dropped very low.

Sorry can;t be much of a help

Good Luck with it all
That is a hard question to answer because I found that it was a different feeling with each of my children, though I tand to agree with the head grinding feeling. If you are worried don't hesitate see your doctor

Good luck wink

Juanita, QLD,10/94, 12/96, 01/98, 11/00, 05/06

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