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pain in the butt Lock Rss

I know this isnt the best of subjects ,but I am 25 weeks preg and get this constent ache in the butt ,the dr cheeked it out and said she couldnt see any piles etc, I use to get the same pain the first 2 days of my period, it can get quite anoying
Dose anyone else have the same problem?

hey - im 19 and 20 weeks pregnant with my first bub (a lil girl) i dont no if i can help at all but i have really bad hips, and i have had since i was born. some times my hip slips out of place and hurts really bad. and other times i get this acke im my bum from it as well. i can never sit for to long or stand for to long and usually hurts more when i first wake up or if i walk to much. i dont no if it could be the same thing but i hope it helped...
let me no how u get on.
XXX deeda357 XXX

lisa, vic, 1st baby, due march 15 2006

Hey there Catherine is your ache in your anal passage (sorry bout the way that was put but the simplest way to say it) or in one or both sides of your bum because i've had a lot of toosh pain in my pregnancy and it was siatic related is it a shooting kind of pain? Does no position seem to ease it? Does it go down your leg at all? Does it ache when you sleep? Or only when your mobile? get back to me i may be able to help you I've tried manya things for my ongoing pain.

Mumma of 3.

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