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Hi all with my first i had to have a c section cause he was to big (9 lb 5 oz) and now im pregnant again i was wondering what affect it will have on my scar? i dont think the doc stiched me up good and it is always itchy.

Kaleb almost 7, and Zayne 3. and 4 weeks with numb


a midwife, Jackie Mawson has a site at

on vacs etc. which may be useful

or maybe you can email her at
[email protected]
I am not quite sure but I think the scar might be itchy as it is healing (my scar is always itchy too).

So I think that is a good sign that it is itchy, as long as it is not irritated and oozy or any thing like that obviously.

Amanda and Oscar (22 Feb 05)

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