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Glucose tolerance tests Rss

exactly what are they testing for? gestational diabetes? i took the a test 2 weeks ago where i had to drink that glucose drink that tastes like bitter flat lemonade and sit for an hour then take the blood test. at the end of that hour i started to feel not so good.

but didnt think anything of it til yeterday when i got a letter from the hospital telling me that i had an elevated gtt result and that i have to follow a special carbohydrate rich diet for 3 days starting from today then go do another test this friday.

my mum tells me not to worry but i am the biggest worrier and i cant help it. i dont really understand the result and what it all means for me and the baby. can anyone give me more information about these tests?


I'm Due in December too with my first bubby and I went 2 weeks ago for my glucose drink test and luckily for me I came back with good results however, I too did feel abit yucky afterwards. Gross stuff

As far as I am aware it is just to see about the gestational diabetes. I wouldn't worry about it. My aunt had it with her last 2 kids and she was fine after both kids were born- went back to normal.

Good luck

Melissa, WA, - paige 14mths & jack due in June

I had to have 2 tests done in my first pregnancy as the first one (the drink then wait an hour) came back elevated. They did the next one 2 days later (i only had to fast no special diets). That came back normal.
Im now 20wks with my 2nd child and had the full gtt done last week as Destiney (my first was a approx 5 wks early and 7pound 9) and there were i may have it this time. As ive heard nothing i can be assured that it came back clear.
Look i worry about everthing too. Its natural Mum tells me not to worry too. if you had something sugary at Breakfast or before you had the test it will give an elevated result. A girl i worked with got positve result in first test nothing in second. If it unfortuantley comes back postive, you'll be monitored more closey for the rest of your pregnancy and put on a special diet. Bub may be a bit bigger than normal and may have higher blood sugar levels. But after some monitoring it usally goes back to normal for both you and bub.
Its hard not to worry but they'll look after you and bub. Let me know how you go. Good Luck

Bel Vic 14mth old 20wks preg 2nd


I had an elevated result during my second pregnancy and had to do the special carb rich diet for a few days, fast overnight, have a blood test, drink the drink again, and then have another blood test.

My results came back fine second time round and apparently this is the case most of the time. I ate 6 weet-bix, two peices of toast and a chocolate bar (I was a very hungry pregnant woman) for breakfast before my first test (as I didn't know I was going to have it) and I figure thats why my results were elevated.

I hope things are fine for you but if the results come back that you do have Gest Dia. you will probably have to follow a special diet and watch your blood sugar - I think only in sever cases do you have to inject insulin.

Good Luck.

Hayley, NSW, Liam 07/02, Beth 09/04, Nate 03/06

I know how you're feeling!! Im expecting my first bubs on Saturday!! When I took the first GTT I thought nothing of it aswell because everything else throughout my pregnancy had been fine. Then two weeks later I got a call from the midwife saying my results were extremely high and I had to go back and do the second test... which was 2 hours and 3 blood tests!! (same yukky drink tho)

After balling my eyes out and stressing thinking that there was something wrong with my poor lil baby, I read up on Gestational Diabetes and found that its not really something to worry yourself about.

The midwife gave me no information or anything, just left me to worry!

As it turned out , I passed the second test fine and the first test results weren't extremely high, they were exactly on the retesting level.

So after all that, I just realised that I'm not going to let other people stress me out!!

The best thing that you can do for your baby is relax!

And G. Diabetes isn't a huge deal in itself anyway. It is really only affecting you, not your baby and 9 times out of 10 , it goes away after bubs is born.

So sit back and enjoy your new diet for the next few days!!
Hi sw33tn3ss I had this test for both of my pregnancy. My first one came back showing I had gestational diabetes with my first son and my second test for my youngest son came back all clear.

It freaked me out with the first one but when I was pregnant the second time I just assumed I would get it again but I didnt. I was lucky as my diabetes was diet controlled which meant I had to follow a diabetic diet. I also saw a physician regarding what sort of foods to eat as well as receiving fantastic support from Diabetes Australia. I had to do a blood test first thing when I woke up & 2 hours after every meal to moniter how I was going with my blood sugar levels. I suffered migraines from the sugar withdrawal for a few weeks. Once I had the hang of it I was fine and the diet is not that bad. I also felt heaps better once my sugar levels were under control. I just thought how I was feeling was pretty normal for being pregnant but it wasnt.

When my first test came back as high with my youngest son I wasnot shocked however I was when the GT test come back clear....LOL I just expected to have it even before I was pregnant the second time. On the morning of the first test I had a banana on toast and my GP agrees this could of affected it as I had it about 2 hours prior to the test.

With gestational diabetes the babies body has to work harder to produce more insulin for both them and you. Also if you dont get it under control the baby will be very large as it will take the sugar and thrive. When they are born they can go into shock so they will be very closely monitered for this. This is due to the sudden drop in sugar which they were receiving from you. GD (gestational diabetes) also increases their chances of having juvenile diabetes.
But dont worry as your obstetrician & GP will closely moniter you and make sure all is ok.

As you know diabetes can effect your kidneys, eye sight and your feet ie circulation. If you have a family history of diabetes (my dad and grandmothers from both sides) then this also increases your chances of having GD and also having diabetes later in life. Just look at it as a lucky wake up call to start to really look after yourself.

I understand your concerns but try not to worry. If you do have this then there is nothing you can do except watch everything you eat. It is not forever however take it as a warning of what may come in the future.

Once my son was born I did not have GD anymore but I know I am in a high category so I stand a good chance of having diabetes when I get older.

Please let us know how your results are.

Good luck!
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