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I have already posted about having twins, but I wanted to again!

We have a 19 month old and trying to keep the children close ogether we tried for number 2 and fell straight away... with twins. Dont get me wrong that is very special but we really only wanted and could manage 2. I think the thing I am most worried about is being able to bond closely with each child. Our son currently gets all our time and I feel bad when the twins come that he wont have our attention as much, and also, will I be able to bond individually with each twin as I did with our first.

It's sorta got me down...

CONGRATULATIONS on your twin pregnancy. I'm a mum to twin boys and my son was 22months old by the time the twins arrived. My suggestion to you is to try to spend some quality time with your toddler throughout the day even if it's for 10 mintues where you can sit down and read a book together or colour-in together. The first 3 months are hideous...I won't sugarcoat it for you. My twins are numbers 4 & 5 though..... and even though I didn't have any support from family (over 1000kms away) i did have domestic help.

Do you have family close by? Is your hubby going to take time off work to help out?

If you ever want to chat or have any questions, i'm here!

Wow...... Congratulations again...TWIN mums are super special!!
Thank you for your response. Your son is very close to the same age as mine. Thanks for not sugar coating it for me, it's what im after. There actually isn't as much information around on twins as there is single pregnancies.

Yep got heaps of family, both sets of grandparents, friends and sister & brother inlaws - very lucky.

Yeah I reckon DP will take time off work, thing is we've bought our first home and unfortunately in order to up keep it we both need to work, so I will be having about 7 months off and going back to work. This was very managable with one bub, our parents watched him while we worked, but I guess with 3 it just means I need to be super organised!

I am planning to breast-feed my twins as I breastfed my first, did you do this and was it a struggle (as in feeding constantly)

Is it true that twims are less demanding as they have each other? Our first is quite full on and loves our attention.

Love to hear from you soon!

Hi There

Congrats on your twin pregnancy. You are very lucky its not something that everyone gets to experiance. Your journey will be an amazing one. Its so cool when they are moving around later on, just amazing.

I currently have 5 month old boy/girl twins, my youngest was 3 at the time. I was so worried about how I would go, however the twins were number 4 and 5 for me also. Wow where to start.

I found that the first 3 months were a breeze, I had been told its the hardest also but I was lucky as they were really good sleepers and I only had to get up between 3 and 4 am for a feed once I got them into a routine and tought the little girl to go back to sleep after the 4am feed lol. It only took about a week or 2 I suppose. I am still breast feeding them both, I found that easier to start with also. I feed them both at the same time. A little hard to get used to but once your used to it, so worth it as when they do feed seperatly you do feel like you are feeding all the time, and do you remember the first couple of weeks of bf your son and the feeds used to take soooooo long lol.

I also found it really hard to find information on twin pregnancies or just being pregnant with twins. I wonder why that is. You could try and find out if there is a Multiple Birth Association meeting in you area, I live on the Central Coast NSW and it broke up not long before the twins were born unfortuately.

I find it a little harder now, as they are both so different. The little girl doesn't sleep as well as the little boy, he is happier, and he doesn't crave as much attention LOL. However they are both so good I am very lucky. Most of the time now I do seperate feeds as their needs are now so different but they still usually wake at the same time at night so I still feed them together then, usless we have a really bad night, luckily that doesn't happen to often.

I am also hoping that when they are older they aren't as demanding as they will have each other. I know when my older girls went off to school, my toddler boy was so lonely and used to get up to mischief when I wasn't looking lol, I am hoping it will be different with the twins as they will always have each other. So fingers crossed it works out lol. I no they even love to talk to each other now.

I was so worried about loving one more than the other or not being able to spend time with them, I can't believe how wrong I was, instantly inlove with both of them from the first second. You will always get to spend a little time with each one on their own as you comfort the one thats upset. When they were a bit older and staying awake more I used to lay them on my bed, they just love to be talked to and smiled at. My toddler boy, just loves the babies, thinks he is soooo special as he has 2 babies. I just tried to involve him when I first bought them home, he helped with their first bath etc. I would put on his favourite tv shows in the lounge room with me so he was sitting beside me while I was feeding the twins.

Ok better leave it there lol. Sorry if I have bombared you. I will be back to check on you and if there is anything else you want to know just ask. It is really hard, especially some days lol, but so worth it, I now feel so special as I get to experiance something that is not all that common, oh the last piece of advice, beware EVERY time you take them OUT lol, you can't take a step without being stopped, you actually start to feel like a bloody movie star but everyone just wants to know about the babies, it gets a little frustrating but people don't see it every day lol, so I just smile and answer their questions and TRY to get away quickly lol. Good luck with that. Where as the novely wore off after a couple off weeks with my single babies, Im am led to believe it never wears off with TWINS lol, if I go to the shops without them, I get annoyed, NOBODY WANTS TO KNOW ME. LOL.

Ok best of luck hun, try and get as much rest as you can.
Take Care.

Hi there - thank goodness I found this thread! I've also just discovered that we're due for twins in early August (although I doubt we'll make it all the way) and have found minimal info on twin pregnancy and births. Add to the fun and games that this is our first pregnancy, and you can understand how we're a little overwhelmed, but excited about it all. I'm just expecting lots of help from my Mum and MIL at first so I have a chance to get used to it all..

I'm wondering if you mind me asking - Did you have a natural birth or C-Section? I'm still considering both options and wondered what made others chose 1 over the other?

Oh wow, thanks for all that info. You made me almost cry as you basically answered all my fears. I plan on involving our little man from the start. He's our only one and we give him so much time and attention that I am really worried when twins come that it will reduce. My other biggest worry is going back to work fulltime when they are 7 months old, not a lot of discussions on here in relation to work/babies. I guess a lot of Mums get to be a stay at home Mum, which is so lovely but we can't manage unless we both work. I will just have to be super organised and get them into a routine. Our son was so easy to get into routine.

So your still feeding your babies over night? Bugger I was hoping they might drop their overnight feed at 6 weeks like our DS did and sleep right through.

I always had this conception that one baby would always be crying with twins...

Hi Sophie K

How scary finding out it's twins hey. Happy and scary. I think it's good having twins first up, I already have a 19 month old so I have the worry of him aswell.

Im not sure if your question was aimed at me, but with my son I delivered him naturally. Apparently because of this I should be able to have the twins naturally.

Hi Again

Im so glad I could help and the information was useful.

Don't be too worried about not having as much time with your son, I also was so worried about this and of course it does happen, my mum still takes my older kids to school for me as the babies are usually in bed and she picks them up, but not to much has changed lol, im always around just usually feeding a baby lol. I just keep looking at the fact that the first 12 months are the hardest, after that life should return pretty much to normal by then except there will be 2 toddlers running around, and hopefully amusing each other. LOL.

Hi Sophie congrats to you also hun. Great news.

I had my twins by c/s I had 2 of my children naturally, a great experiance, after the birth of my 2nd though I had CIN2 and had to have it removed (changed cervical cells), my next labour with my son didn't progress the way it was suppose to so I had to have a c/s maybe due to my cervix being fused (they think), I was really not given an option to go natural with the twins, they said if I put my foot down and wanted to that I had to have several things in my favour throughout the pregnancy. Both babies head down etc, apparently the baby that hasn't been delivered yet can lay transverse and they have to rush you down for a c/s to get the 2nd baby out anyway, but in turn I have heard of heaps of people delivering their twins, I wish you both the best of luck, no matter which way you deliever, I was happy in the end to go with the c/s (funny as I swore I was NEVER having another one of them LOL), as both babies would be safe and so would I.

Tummy, I saw your other thread about the vanishing twin, (I might end up being your biggest nightmare on here LOL). One of my bestfriends had a vanishing twin, but when she went in for her 8/9 week scan the baby had already gone, there was just an empty sac. Im not positive but I think the 2nd baby doesn't for properly from the start so at your first scan you find the vanished twin or empty sac. Once you have had an ultrasound and got to see both babies the chances of the happening drop very low. Of course you can still miscarry but again after the ultrasound the chances drop to very low also. Apparently they are starting to notice so much more the vanishing twin as we used to only go for ultrasounds at about 20 weeks, well the 2nd baby is well and truly gone by then but now as we are having 8 week and 12 week ultrasounds they can still pick up the empty sac, so they are finding it to be alot more comon.

Ok hope ive helped again.
Good Luck Girls

Congratulations on having twins!!!!!!
I have one year old identical boys and it is the greatest experience being a twin mum!
I can highly recommend this website and forum, its a friendly place to discuss twin pregnancy (there are a few preggie mums at the moment) birth, feeding.....everything about twins you could possibly want/need to know!
I have found it really helpful during my boys first year.
Hope you'll come have a look, I'm twinsforus there as well!! <span class="emoticon gasp">gasp</span>)

Thanks again Collette,

Yeah I found the information on VT very interesting. I sort of wanted to gage how common it is, but im not sure it is very common. As you say the reason we are detecting VT so early now is due to early scanning. I am wondering what I will see at my 12 week scan. If something was to happen - I would prefer it happened in the first 12 weeks, otherwise it would be much harder to deal with.

Well, I can't think of any questions at the moment, oh, apart from, did you find you were constantly feeding your twins? I just hope I can get a few hours sleep, but I think if one wakes I might just feed the other anyway. I'll work it out when the time comes! smile

Thank you twinsforus I am hopping on the site right now to check it out!

Hi again

How are you feeling. I hope you are keeping well. Is your MS really bad, I have heard with twins you get really sick, I was really sick with my single pregnancies however luckily enough had none with the twins.

Now yes I have days where I feel like I just sit and feed, especially when they are going through a growth spurt lol, however early on through the night, I put them to bed after feeding them at the same time, in the hopes that when they woke it was together and I wasn't doing split feeds all night, not much fun I don't think lol. They were always really good going around 5 to 6 hours through the night and I always gave them a last feed around 9pm to get the most out of their sleep. One would always go straight back to sleep but mostly the little girl wanted to play. So I did what I swore I would never do, I didn't with the others but I put her to bed with me and cuddled her and we would both fall asleep or when she went off I put her back into bed. I only had to do this for a week or so, I fed them in the bedroom, in the dark to try and teach them that night was for sleeping, lol. It did work well for me. I have slept them together from the day I bought them home, I used a snuggle bed in the cot and kept them together. They are still together now. I think after spending 9 months together inside me, I couldn't seperate them afterwards.

I have heard both sides on if one wakes, wake the other. I was lucky, I didn't really have to make the dicision, on the odd occasion that one wakes on their own, I do feed that one, if the otherone is stirring I will feed that one after or at the same time, I spoke to a lady that had 2 sets of twins during her birhing years (OMG!!! LOL) she was told to wake the other for a feed, however after she worked out the one she was waking would have slept through the night MONTHS earlier then it did so she didn't do it at all the next time around. Personal choice I think, I don't think there is a right way to do thinks with 2, I know I need my sleep lol, not nice without it.

Ok more info for you to ponder. You poor thing, I so wish I knew someone who had baby twins though when I was preg. Hope Im not frustrating you too much though, Oh I remember being so scared lol, no where near as scarey as I imagined though.

Hope you are well hun.
Thinking of you.

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