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I need some advice! Lock Rss

My husband and I have been ttc for approx 1 year. Still unsuccessful although, I think I either had a miscarage last month (August) or a phamtom prgenancy. I had a lot of pains with my AF. This month, my breasts have been sore for about 1 week. (They usually get sore about 2 days b4 my AF.) I did spot 6 days after ov. for 1 1/2 days but then it stopped. Now 14 days after and I feel like I'm getting AF but it is very light. (I'm usually really heavy.) I've been really tired, grumpy and my breasts have been sore now for 1 week.
Whats the best time ttc? I mean I know that it's around ovulation time but does it have to be b4 or after or both or what?
It is really starting to get both of us down as we seem to get symptoms but then nothing.
Any advice will be much appreciated.
Hi trisha
Just wondering,are you trying for your first baby?Might be an idea to get all checked out by a gyno just to make sure everything is in working order.Me and my partner were ttc for baby number 2 for 18 months and nothing had happened so i went to be checked out and the results came back that i was actually pregnant so it may bring you good luck too.I think its best to ttc for the few days right in the middle of ovulation but i hear its best to ttc a few days before for a girl.Good luck and i hope it happens soon for you both.
From my experience with IVF, the ttc is always prior to ovulation. It takes several days for the sperm to actually make the big journey from the vagina to the egg. When we where doing clomid, they would give me a trigger injection and then exactly 36 hours later I would ovulate. They instructed us to have sex a couple of hours before ovulation, usually 9pm the following night if I recieved my injection mid morning sunday and then first thing the morning after. We did not get pregnant this way, and only got pregnant once we commenced egg transfer and exterior fertilisation etc. The fertility specialists where always telling us, that even with fertile couples with no problems, it can take 12 months to concieve and then only 1 in 4 conceptions actually make it . These odds where supposed to make us feel better I guess, they never actually did. I was totally surprised that it was so hard to concieve even without fertility problems. Getting checcked over by your doctors is always a good idea. I never found out I had fertility problems until I was 34!! I am now 38 and due around 19th December....I wish your sister the best of luck.

Angie, DE 15/12/05 ,TAS

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