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Older first time mum Lock Rss

Hi, have just discovered this site and have been reading through the tons of interesting questions and replies. I am expecting my first baby EDD 4/01/06 we concieved on our first IVF egg transfer!! How lucky was that!!!! In fact I did not really believe that I was pregnant until 5 months, when I could "feel" the baby move for myself. Are there any mums or mums to be with similar stories to mine. I would like to touch base with you if so. All of my girlfriends where able to conceive naturally and I do not know anyone else who has personally gone through the IVF process. I think because I concentrated for so long on the goal of "getting pregnant" for a long time the reality of being pregnant has seemed overwhelming at times. Looking forward to any replies.

Angie, DE 15/12/05 ,TAS

Best of luck Angie.

I was lucky enough to conceive naturally just before my 30th b/day. I do have a friend who is trying everything at 35 to fall pregnant, with not much luck. So well done on getting the job done first time around!

Rachel & baby Toby, born 11/07/05, Sydney

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