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9 weeks pregnant, told 6 weeks Lock Rss

Has anyone ever heard of this happening or had it happen to them. My sisiter in law went for a dating scan last friday when she was meant to be 9 weeks 4 days and was told that she is only 6 weeks 1 day. There was no heart beat, but that's quite normal for 6 weeks. Anyway, she did a pregnancy test 7 weeks ago and it came up positive, she shouldn't have even been pregnant till 3 weeks after that. She did 3 more tests in the following week and took a blood test and all was fine. The doc is telling her shes only 6 weeks but 4 pregnancy tests and a blood test came back positive when she assumed she was a few weeks along but going by the ultrasound she shouldn't have conceived yet. The ultrasound picked up what may be twins, but it's too early to tell, she has to go back in a weeks time to check on the heart beat/s. She told me it's impossible for her to be 6 weeks as she never had sex again after she did the pregnancy test so you can rule out the fact that she may have ovulated again and fell pregnant later on. The only thing I can think of is that she is meant to be 9 weeks 5 days with maybe twins and they died 3 weeks ago but have remained in there.

Please, any info would be great.

Emeilia 24.06.04, Holly 13.12.05 #3 due 21.11.07

when I was 17 my partner and I had our first pregnancy, at 11 weeks we went in for a dating scan only to find that the baby had stopped developing at 9 weeks and I had actually had what they call a "retained miscarraige".
I then had to have an abortive procedure to remove the baby which was highly tramatising.
I spent the first three months of this pergnancy in constant terror that I would lose the baby and not know it.
Your sister-in-law's story sounds alot like mine and my prayers are with her. With any luck her scan in a week will show at least one healthy heartbeat.

danielboy born 3/3/6

sory I dont have any answers for you but keep in touch and let me know what happens.

I just thought I would add that I believe the Docs got it wrong for the dates of my pregnancy. They said that I should have been due Feb 12 2005 I said I think you will find it should be Jan 25th 2005 turned out that I never went into labour and had to have a c-section after failed inductions. But my son was born rather big 9lb 9oz and he reaches his milestones as though he was born by my dates if that makes sense. So I believe the docs can get it wrong with the dates.

I just thought I would add some positive into the negatives.

Amanda and Oscar (22 Feb 05)

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