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The First Kick Rss

Hi Karina,

You are just ahead of me in your pregnancy. I am 20.5 weeks now and I am feeling regular movements now. The kicks aren't strong enough to be felt from the outside yet... my husband puts his hand on my belly hoping to feel something, but nothing yet.

As for encouraging baby to move I have found if you lie down for roughly 10 minutes and stay fairly still baby will move. When you walk, talk and move around it can be very rhythmic for baby and they go to sleep. When you are still and trying to rest baby wakes and becomes active... sometimes

As long as you are feeling movements you have nothing to worry about. Relax and enjoy your pregnancy and rest whenever you can.

Only 19 weeks to go... if you go to term.

Thinking of you,

Michelle smile
Hi Karina

I'm not pregnant but I have a nearly 9 month old son. I can still remember how it felt everytime he moved or kicked. I know this might sound weird but I really miss that feeling, there's nothing else like it. I used to get worried too when I hadn't felt him move for a while. I also found drinking a glass of really cold water usually got him moving. The radiographer sent me to have something sweet to eat to get him moving when I had an ultrasound the week before he was born and that worked too. The kicks do get heaps stronger as your baby grows. I remember sitting on the lounge watching my bump move from side to side - it's so exciting!!! All the best with the rest of your pregnancy.

Hi Jasmine,

I missed not being pregnant when I gave birth to my son. When I was pregnant he was wholly mine and kept me company no matter what mood I was in. Even though my husband could feel his movements from the outside, it is nothing like what you feel inside of you. I was overjoyed to have my little baby in my arms finally, but I missed having him all to myself as well! Just thought I'd let you know that you aren't weird, being pregnant is so unique and special and in a way when you give birth you lose something as well as gain something so naturally I think you will miss your bump!

I too am expecting my first, a boy in July 04.

I first felt the butterflies from about 13 weeks (which everyone told me must be wind cause it was too early) but there was no mistaking the kicking and moving that began at 16 weeks.

I have been able to see my tummy moving from the outside now since about 19 weeks. At 24 weeks I now feel him moving around probably at least every hour or two during the day.

Does anyone have any experiences of how their baby is/was in comparison to how active or quiet they seemed to be while in the womb (e.g. sleeps a lot or never seems to sleep)??

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

Hi Jo,

My ultrasound technician said that if the baby is active while in the womb they are usually pretty active outside of it! My son was really active when I was pregnant with him, so much so that he didn't stay still for the 19 week ultrasound! Now he doesn't stop. He pretty much runs everywhere, loves to be the centre of attention and is really outgoing and friendly (typical Leo)! This time around, this baby is also really active and again wouldn't stay still for the 19 week ultrasound so I'm again assuming I will have another handful (but loving it). The ultrasound technician said her daughter was quite quiet when she was pregnant and is a very happy but calm/quiet little girl. Don't know if this is true or not but has so far been the case for me!

Good luck.

Hi Yvette,

Thanks for the info

I had much the same problem at the two ultrasounds I have had thus far. Both times the ultrasound technician was getting frustrated because Junior wouldn't stay still long enough for them to get the pictures they needed of his head, organs etc. My second ultrasound went for about 40-50 minutes because of his determination not to be photographed!

Lucky both my partner and I are also people who are always on the go, so looks as though our little man will fit right in to the family smile

Good luck with your bub too!


Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

I first felt my baby moving at 15 weeks. I am now 32 weeks and the movements haven't stopped! At my ultrasounds the baby was kicking so much and I just couldn't stop laughing at him/her! It was really funny to watch the kicking as well as feel it.

Alicia and Zackari

hey guys,

bubs kicks are a bit stronger now smile he surely has his weak moments but quite a few strong ones to. He is kicking fairly low at the moment and they seem to be the strongest smile Like many of you he wouldnt stay still at the 19 week ultrasound, hence how we accidnetly found out the sex, the little boy spread his legs when they were getting measured smile

thanks for the replies smile

Karina, S.A, mum to Kaleb born 25/07/04

Hi Yvette

Thanks so much for your reply. It's nice to know other mums feel the same way. I love my little boy and I love being a mum. But it is such a special feeling when you have them all to yourself. I can't wait to do it all over again.

And to Jo

My little boy was so active when I was pregnant - and now that he's here (9 months old) he is still the same - he never stops!!! Even when he sleeps he's all over the place - lol!!! Anyhow enjoy the rest of your pregnacy - I bet you can't wait to meet your little one face to face.

All the best
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