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maternity evening wear Lock Rss

Hi ladies, im from the gold coast and expecting in just 8wks. In 1mthI have a formal occasion i am attending, but i cant find anywhere that sells not 2 pricey dresses. I have been studying from home & it is my graduation. I bought a dress for it about 6months ago.It was a monday & the dress WAS perfect, until on the friday i found out i was pregs! I now have a dress i may be able to use for my wedding! Im 20, so want something that will compliment my figure,etc.Because it will be just 3 1/2wks before my due date i dont want to put a huge amount of money into it, coz i know i will never ever wear it again.The dress i bought was $250 and I dont like spending alot on clothes.Id love it if anyone would know anywhere i could buy one at a decent price, or better still hire?


Hi Melissa,

I was in the same boat as you! We had a wedding to go to last weekend when I was 34 weeks!

Do you live near a Baby Target - as they normally have the nicer brands of Maternity Clothing than the normal Target. I picked up a nice Black Dress for $100 and I just added some nice jewellery and a chiffon shawl and it was perfect.

Good luck!

2 cutie kids!

You could also have a look at

Happy hunting!
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