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This is my first pregnancy and i have to say upon hearing the word twins i was ecstatic, as was my partner. But now that the doctor told me that theres high chances that i will have to have a c-section im stressing. I cant even stand needles!!!
Then it doesnt help that i cant seem to find any threads of previous mothers who have had twins and there experiences. I feel so alone in this, even though i know twins isnt that rare of a thing and that thousands of mothers have had them before.
Please comment back with any advice or helpful thoughts for this cause im seriously lost in a world of ecstatic stress. lol
Congratulations on the news of Twins, how exciting!

I can;t really help with any info but just thought I would let you know there is a multiple birth section on here.

If you go to My babys family, it is in there - families of multiples (I think its called!)

Good Luck with everything!

alot of women birth their twins vaginaly.
a lady at my playgroup did.

alot of the time they also will vaginaly deliver baby A but baby B maybe in the wrong position so they will then have a c section to deliver baby B.

keep discussing all your options with your doc, and just have to wait and see when the time comes.

also go to the section jess mentioned and talk to those ladies see who had their babies vaginaly and what they did to help them do it.

good luck im sure you will be fine.
my mum had twins vaginally....
i was hoping for twins lol... but its just one...
hubby doesnt want anymore after this one so i would have loved twins. Good luck i am sure everything will go fine.

Hi Jass

Congrats on your twin pregnancy, isn't it so scarey yet so exciting all at the same time. I am a mum to 5 month old boy/girl twins.

I was also told about the high risk to having a c/section. There are lots of people who have had them naturally, I had to have a c/section though also. Im was so scared of a c/section. The reason for the high chances of c/section I have been told as there of course there is so much that can go wrong with a twin pregnancy. Even if you go natural there is a high chance of having to have the second twin via a c/section also, as the 2nd twin can lay transverse when twin 1 is out as there is so much room in there for that baby then lol. There has be also of factors in your favour to go natural. My babies at 36 weeks were still moving around, alot, from head down to breech. etc. So the safest option for me and the twins was to have a c/section. Alot of the time if going natural they have to put their hands inside you and pull the second baby out also.

I have had 2 natural births, they were fantastic and you can't beat it I think, I had an emergency c/sec with my 3rd, no so much a nice experiance, however the twin c/sec was great, everything went perfectly and we were all safe and sound which is the main thing no matter what way they come out.

I remember feeling so alone also, there isn't much info out there for twin pregnancies etc. If you need anything or want to ask about anything just let me know, you can always private message me also.

Hope you are doing well,
take care and get plenty of rest if you can.

congratulations thats such wonderful news...
i am also a bit sad over having to face a caesarian in 11weeks time for my fraternal twin girls. i am 26wks & scheduled for a csn at 37wks.

dont let it get you down. get as many books that you can get your hands on & search the net. Theres not alot of info when it comes to pregnancy with twins....

so keep in touch n feel free to ask as many silly questions on heres as you like.


I also wanted to add, I noticed you are a new member, there is also a caesarian section on here in Pregnancy & Birth, I haven;t had one myself but there may be some info in there as well.

When are you due?

im due in may. the latest may 30th but dr doesnt think ill make it that far

Congratulations on having twins.

I am currently 33 weeks pregnant with twins and I am booked in for a c section at 38 weeks if I make it that far. I am booked in for a c section as one of the twins is transverse and the other reason is one of the twins is a lot smaller than the other twin and they worry about the stress that a natural birth could have on her.


Wow, Twins how exciting.Congratulations. I haven't had twins, but I have had a caesar. I found that I saw more nedles during the pregnancy with blood tests etc than I did when I had my C-section. During the operation, the only neede I saw was the drip in my hand, everything else was done behind me and administered in my back.

I was devestated when I found out I had to have a c-section, but at the end of the day, my only concern was the helath of my DD.

The c-section was not as bad as what I had imagined.

I hope you get the pregnancy and birth that you want. Enjoy your babies.


Hi, I just gave birth to my twins 3 weeks ago. If you have any specific questions please let me know.

Twins first time round - I can imagine would be really scary. I was open to having a c-section with my twins as I had done the whole labour thing with my first 2 daughters so I didn't have any labour expectations but in saying that I still wanted to go natural.

Until my twins were about 30 weeks I had one breached and unfortunately the breached one at that point in time was the bigger twin and also had a single umbilical cord. What that means is that if the bigger twin is the second twin they won't deliver them breached and also with the single cord can result in baby being born still born.

So with all that in mind I said to DH that if Twin 2 was still breached at 32 weeks I was going to book in for a c-section as I didn't want the still born scenario. But at 30 weeks he turned and both stayed heads down until birth.

I had them at the Redlands hospital and their policy is to insert an epidural as soon as possible so then when twin 1 is born and then twin 2 sees he has a lot of room they can put a hand inside you and turn him - the epidural helps with the pain of them doing this. Also it allows them to do a quick c-section if necessary.

But again I was lucky. I was induced due to twin2 not putting on enough weight. They did this by breaking my waters first and as no labour started I go put on the drip. With in 20 minutes I had my first contraction. When they broke my waters I was already 3cm dialted (but not in labour), then after an hour of being in labour I was 8cm. Then about 40minutes later we had twin 1. Then the doctors got out the ultrasound stuff, checked twin 2 was still heads down and broke his waters (mine had separate sacks) then I got told to start pushing, unfortunately I couldn't feel any contractions straight away but the midwives said to push so I did - mainly cause I didn't want him to turn. So 8minutes after twin 1 was born out came twin 2.

Total labour time was 2hours- and I got to do it with NO epidural. I am proud of myself for doing it and proud of my twins for co-operating so I didn't have to have one - Needles freak me out to, which is why I didn't want one.

My twins we 7pounds 1.5oz and 6 pounds 7.5oz - born at 37weeks and 5 days gestation.

Everyone I had talked to that has had twins had a c-section, so I guess with twins you really need to be open to the idea, but I hope you enjoyed my story as it really gives you hope of a natural labour.

Actually when I was in labour with my twins there was another lady in labour with her twins too. They were her first born at 36 weeks and they came out fine, had to go to nursery for a little while but only cause they came a little early. Becareful from 25 weeks onwards as twins like to come early.
Good luck - and let me know if you have any questions. I am not on much at the moment, but you are welcome to PM me.

How time flies!!

Thankyou so much for all your thoughts!!! I think im just so nervous because amazingly i havent really been around a load of pregnant people! Knowing a little more about everyones experiences has helped me out though. At this point ive just decided that my dr came highly recommended and that i'll just follow his orders. (amazingly for me?)
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