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Breasts No Longer Sore Lock Rss

Hi everyone

I have just found out I am pregnant with our second child. I will be 5 weeks on Monday.

A few days before AF was due my breasts were a bit sore but today they are fine and I'm worried this is a bad sign. I know I had sore breasts with my last pregnancy but can't remember if it was on and off or continuous for the first few months. I can't help but worry! Can early pregnancy symptoms come and go?


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Hi, i wouldnt be worried.Im 7mths preg now, but when i first found out, i was due for my period, and my breats became really sore, thats how i knew i was pregs.They were only sore for 1 wk & that was it.

I had sore breasts @ 3wks with my first & with this one it didn't kick in until I was 10wks & didn't last for very long at all. I wouldn't be too stressed about it, but if you are get your doc to do a HCG level blood test & they'll let you know how well your pregnancy is progressing.


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