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When do you start showing? Lock Rss

Hi everyone,
I am almost 15 weeks pregnant and have a little bit of a belly. I am not big enough for maternity clothes. however most of my normal clothes are starting to get a bit tight. I have invested in some baby doll tops which will see me through my entire pregnancy. I might however invest in the belly belt as my jeans and skirts are starting to get tight.
I just wanted to know when do you really start to show? When do you really start to have a baby bump?
Hope you can help.

Renee, Qld, Mother of 2

Hi, im very small, but when i was about 20wks pregs it started 2 become very aparent i was pregs. All the weight i have put on is in the belly. The rest of me is the same.
hey, im 19 and 20 weeks pregnant with my first baby. i was average height and weight (not fat and not skinny) when i first started to show i was about 15 weeks i just looked like i was getting a bit fat, and im 20 weeks now and have to get the next size up in pants - im only just starting to look like im pregnant and not fat but i guess its diffrent for every one....
hope this helped-
good luck

lisa, vic, 1st baby, due march 15 2006

I found that I just sort of looked heavier until after 20 weeks and then shortly after that quite suddenly I had the beginnings of a definite basketball and it really did seem to happen almost overnight. Mostly I lived in track pants though and only in the last couple of months resorted to maternity pants. Now I am 38 weeks and have an enormous basketball, all out in front. I guess it can also depend on how the baby is sitting. I saw a lady at our ante natal class whose baby was breech and she looked less pregnant than those with their babies head down. Her baby turned eventually and it did make a difference.

Hope that gives you some idea

Leanne, NZ, Ella age 2 & Sam age 6months

Hi, everyone is different when it comes to baby bellies. I didn't start showing till 23 weeks. my sister-in-law is 13 weeks and is showing. I have a couple of friends that are also pregnant, one with her second, she didn't start to show with her first till about 23 weeks either, she is pregnant again and is 20 weeks and not really obviously showing. it all depends on the indervidual. what size and height you are, genes, all sorts of things.

i wouldn't worry about it. if your doctor says your doing fine then most likely you are, Belly belts are a fantastic investment too, a bit expensive but fantastic!

good luck with everything

Hiya, I am 20 weeks pregnant and have what looks like the remains of a big lunch, I am pretty slim and tall and have felt our baby move but I wish I was showing more. People at my work think I am not eating right and its quite annoying having to explain that I am pregnant and they look at me funny and ask "'where?" Though I just keep thinking hopefully I will find it easy to lose the weight afterwards.
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