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royal womens hospital Lock Rss

I was just wondering if anyone has had there baby at the royal womens, im booked in there to have my first baby and i just wanted to know what to expect with the hospital stay and do they supply you with anything (nappies, baby clothes, pads etc)???


Kayla Elizabeth (10/1/06) Mummy''''s Angel

Hi paula,
i had my baby boy there on the 10th of aug. i got a list from them with what to take before i had callum. They do supply you with baby clothes but i took my own. I had to take my own nappies, just a small bag of them, pads ect. I took nearly everything with me. They should give you a list soon. I found that the care was excellent as i ended up with an emergency c/s but they were also great with the mums who delivered naturally. What i was told is that they are pro choice so they don't pressure you at all by telling you what products to use. They let you decide. I word of warning, if your going to bottle feed as opposed to breast you will need to take your own bottles and formula but they do give you a stealiser unit. I breast fed but they gave me all this info before i was due. So i would just take everything you anticipate that you will need with you when you go into labour. I had 1 bag for me and 1 for baby callum. Good luck and i hope this helps answer your q.

Jodie, mum to callum-10.8.05 & matthew-1.03.07

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