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Stretch Marks on Boobs Lock Rss

Hello, I made the embarrassing discovery of several stretch marks over both my boobs at about 20 weeks. I have always had smallish boobs, and these damn stretch marks came up overnight. One day my boobs were looking normal and the next they were covered in red stretchmarks and surface veins were showing. So now I have these technicolour boobs and hate seeing those pictures of preganant ladies in Cosmo Pregnancy with their perfect mark free boobs. I only went from a 12B to a 14C in bra size and they don't seem that much bigger but they must be.

Has anyone else had this problem, I feel like its just me. I have been using creams too and still do but they just won't go away and I am stressed about what will happen when my milk comes in.

Sorry for the rant, of course this is such a small price to pay for having a baby!!!

Ashleigh, QLD, Mummy to Eli James

Hi Ashleigh
In my first pregnancy I was lucky I didn't get one single stretch mark on my belly. My breasts on the other hand were a very different story. I didn't realise they were stretchmarks at first, since all these different things were happening. My breasts got bigger (and were quite sore) in the early part of my pregnancy. I b/f for 10 months as my breasts reduced in size the marks slowly faded, now they are white lines and aren't very visible. What worries me more is they don't quit sit where they used to. :'(
But then I never did much topless bathing. smile

Jeninne, WA, Bradyn 24/11/04, #2 Ryan 01/12/06

Me too!! Criky they just appeared suddenly and now they are just about all over both breasts making them quite multicoloured - and one of them is really itchy. I am further along than you at 38 weeks but strangely I have no stretch marks on my tummy (yet!?). I actually would prefer that to these. I have only gone up one cup size so its not a huge growth, but what are they going to do when the milk comes in??? As you can see its a sore subject for me too.

I am trying Bio-Oil, which has vit e and stuff in it but I have only just started but I am hopeful that will fade them. Try any pure vit e oil as it is supposed help to reduce and prevent marks and scars. I think it does take a while to work though

Good Luck

Leanne, NZ, Ella age 2 & Sam age 6months

I got all my stretch marks when I hit puberty. Some faint ones on inside of my boobs and some really long bad ones on my hips sad Luckily though, I didn't seem to get any more from pregnancy smile. I don't think my boobs have gotten all that much bigger. Was a 14D now maybe a DD. Stretch marks suck. Just one of those many things we must endure being a woman I guess tongue
Sympathies on the stretch marks!!! You only get stretch marks, if you are prone to them and because the skin stretches quickly. This doesn't mean that you have to pile on a heap of weight, just some weight very quickly. I haven't had to worry about stretch marks at all during this pregnancy. Apart from doing fertility to get pregnant I also lost 70kg in the 2 years leading up to the fertility treatment and already had plenty of stretch marks thanks to all that extra weight.........

Angie, DE 15/12/05 ,TAS

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