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Hi - any tips on what to bring in my labour and hospital bags?
What do we need to bring for the baby??
I have couple of lists but they only mention a going home outfit for the baby - what about in hossy? Do we need to bring in nappy's etc? Or are they provided by the hospital?
Also - they only list jarmies/nighties for me for hospital stay - do we just stay in our jarmies - did anyone bring normal clothes for during the day?
Obviously this is my first time - so please don't think I sound dumb!
Nightie's, stretch'n'grow's, woollen beanie, blanket, car seat and depending on where you are staying (hospital/birth care centre) some places provide nappies, wipes etc... but I would take with you what you want baby to use. (for example, cloth nappies, certain brands, etc)

PJ's, clothes, slippers, toiletries, undies undies undies (heaps!), pads pads pads (heaps!) and anything else to make you feel more comfortable (for example, pillow, lollies)

I didn't stay in hospital or birth care with my youngest daughter (born last year). I was discharged 3 hours after giving birth, and even in this short 3 hours I had to change as I had "leakage" due to the heavy bloody flow you get after labour.

So be prepared for anything!!

Forgot, also for yourself, take maternity bra's and nursing pads!

I was given a list of things to bring and things the hospital supplied when I went to the ante-natal classes. If you ring the hospital that you are planning on going to they should be able to tell you if you need to bring nappies, wipes etc.

The hospital I went to supplied everything but clothes for the baby and then I took 3 pairs of day clothes (which was trackies mainly lol) and 2 sets of pjs. Mama_Wenz is right in saying take lots and lots of pads lol and the undies too.

I had a catheter because I had an epidural and I found the blood ran down the tube (TMI I know) and went all over my pants, was gross. So spare bottoms is a good idea. I was told dark colour clothing is a must also.
Also, take magazines or something to read...Gossip mags are good, something you don't need a brain to read! LOL
I found I couldn't sleep, and when no one was visiting I got bored (newborns sleep a lot!), so I read and they would put me to sleep!
hey, I found i took a whole lot of stuff i didnt even need. For You: [item]Maternity pads 3 packs (for an average person Also take the normal pads as these were all i needed my post partum bleed was very small) [/item][item]take around 5 sets of pj's and or nighties whatever you feel comfy in [/item][item]Comfy undies (im stateing the obvious lol) [/item][item]3-4 Maternity bra's (when milk comes in like it did for me a breastpad wasn't enough) [/item][item]Toiletries [/item][item]A shaver, this is something alot of people forget. A quick shave of your legs && underarms can do the world of good. [/item][item]Deodorant [/item][item]Breast pads [/item][item]Toilet Paper (way better your own than the hospi sand paper lol) [/item][item]clothes for going home in [/item][item]Something to read (if u can be bothered) [/item][item]Really that's all the stuff i used [/item][item]Phone card for either their rooms so a telstra one that u get a pin etc rather than a payphone card [/item][item]Spare change [/item][item]Money for tv if u want tv and dont have to pay [/item][item]A nice smelling body wash [/item][item]Moisturiser (to freshen u up a bit) [/item][item]Your babies book if you are having one when you write in what your first impressions were your birth story etc this could be a time filler if you have the energy while its still fresh in mind down to every little detail [/item][item]Camera & batteries, and also a disposable if you wish.. That's all i can think of for you for now, if i think of more i will be sure to add it. For Baby: This is what i took [/item][item]8 singlets 0000 [/item][item]5 wondersuits [/item][item]2 Romper style suits (our hospital somehow got very stuffy) [/item][item]Wipes ( huggies nappies were supplied) [/item][item]Baby Bath stuff (this was supplied already but i chose to use my own GAIA stuff) [/item][item]Your own soft baby towel (the hospital one's were so worn & i was very fussy with what touched bubbys skin lol ) [/item][item]2 baby wraps [/item][item]2 Sort of thick baby blankets that were wrappable theyre like a double layer normal wrap with nice soft material [/item][item]4 pairs of socks [/item][item]1 pair of booties [/item][item]2 bibs (didnt use them though) For Labour: [/item][item]Chapstick and/or lipbalm (lips got very dry in labour) [/item][item]Camera [/item][item]Munchie food for DP/DH [/item][item]Socks (feet get very cold during labour) [/item][item]Heat pack (if hospital doesn't supply) [/item][item]Your own music maybe your ipod or similar [/item][item]A body wash for after the birth and or the one you have already packed [/item][item]Some nice loose comfy clothes (i thought i would use these but i ended up just getting the gown on) I'm having a mind blank and that is all i can think of for now im sorry! Also a tip : If you are having a c section or if you have one afterwards putting a pad facing inward to the wound can do the world of comfort just stick it to your undies, if i didn't read this on here i would never have done it and never have known, i was rushed for a emergency c sect and had no idea i didnt even prepare for it. [/item]


Fantastic!! Thanks everyone for your advice!!!
Heaps of things I wouldn't have even thougth about!
Nipple cream if you're planning to breastfeed...

I always suggest thongs for the shower, I got a nice dose of tinea in hospital. I know this is not a pleasant thought, but they are just like any other public shower, trust me!

When I went I took the standard stuff and the hospital supplied nappies and clothes for DD but...

The clothes were not 'lovely' so I told DH to get me my own (DD was on show to the 'sh!t load' of visitors who turned up) so I just put her in bonds suits and mittens.

And I do remember my OB saying to me "make sure you bring clothes cause you are not sitting around in pj's all day - pj's are for sick people and your having a baby not dying". I am glad he said this cause every morning I got up, showered and felt great and that started 8 hours after my c-section!!

Thanks guys - hadn't even thought about thongs - even though I usually am paranoid about public showers!!!
And good advice about PJ/Clothes - I was wondering since the lists seem to only suggest pj's!
Think I'd probably like some clothes to feel human - and not totally daggy when I have visitors too!
I slept in very comfy casual clothes as I didnt feel comfortable wearing pjs. Even though I had a private room and bathroom, I didnt feel like a dork walking around the hosp. at night if bub was unsettled etc. I also took bubs special book to write birth memories etc whilst fresh in my mind. My hosp. only provided cloth nappies, blankets and baby 'gowns' which I used for my first but not with my second (or the nxt one). I took #2 her own disposables, wondersuits and wraps. Also this is sooo superficial but I took a pretty pink bassinette sheet to put under her in her hosp. bassinette/trolley as I knew she would get lots of photos asleep in it and I didnt want them to be with the revolting grey/green standard hosp issue sheets under her! Shallow I know. LOL!!! I'm trying to think of something that was invaluable to me... spare camera batteries, I text and called from my mobile so that was great to take.

DD#1- 2004, DD#2 -2006, DD#3 -23/10/08.

I think everyone else has pretty much covered it, but I was told when I was having my first to buy those 10packs of cheap undies from Target or similar, if you happen to leak in them just chuck them!
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