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hey ppls, just wondering if this has happened to anyone else and what your bubs weight was??
At my 32 week check my midwife told me my measurements on my tummy was not big enough and they think my baby will be very small. Of course now i am in a panic. My mother had small babies too we were 4 pound 5. Anyone else get told the same thing. I am now at 34 weeks with an appt tomorrow to see if i have grown at all

With my first they constantly told me i was small. However, Ethan was born 3 weeks early weighing 6p11oz, so he was a good weight. I am preggers with our 2nd bubs and had my appointment yesterday, and once again I am measuring small. Some of us just don't show. My mum was the same, even was told she was small with my brother who was a HUGE baby. So don't stress!!! One other thing I would like to add, is that my son, who is know three, is the tallest in his day care & one of the youngest there. people always assume that he his 5 yrs old. So even though I carried small, he arrived a healthy weight and his now a BIG healthy boy.


thanks so much for that, eased my mind a bit, I'm off to my appt right now so hopefully bub has grown again. Once again thank you.

Oh yes I was the same with DD, she was always measuring 3 weeks behind. So I had to go for a couple of scans just to make sure she was putting on weight etc etc. She weighed just 5 pounds at full term. With this pregnancy its the same, so I'm off to have another scan at about 28 weeks to check the growth.

Don't stress some of us just have small babies. Its annoying for me in a way cause I want to have a big belly to let the whole world know I'm preggers LOL.

I have a small baby, have been having scans fornightly for sometime now to make sure that bubs is still growing. Last time I had my scan bubs was at 1.1kg and I have one tomorrow so will be interesting to see how much he has grown. It will be fine for you, I have been talking to a lot of people who have had small babies and now they are giants.
Good luck for tomorrow

i had a midwife appt today and apparently i'm measuring 25 weeks instead of 27 weeks. i only found out because the midwife said to the trainee "that's measuring too small so we'll just keep an eye on it" so i asked if it wasn't measuring properly and the trainee just said "no, no" and the midwife later said i wasn't popping out very much, even though i reckon i've got a pretty big bump. very p*ssed off that they didn't even talk to me about it, it was like i wasn't even there!!! so now i'm freaking out - think i'll go to my GP next time and ask him about it, at least he doesn't just treat me like an incubator and explains things to me! so anyway - just hoping everything's ok - no idea what it means or what should happen.
Well I had my appointment yesterday and im only 30cm for 34 weeks, so they sent me for a cgt thingy and they said that seemed normal and then they sending me for another ultrasound next week. I have only grown 1cm for 2weeks, but i feel the bub moving all the time so im just trying to keep positive. Hope everyone is ok??

hey, i am measuring 4 weeks small aswell. but they are not worried as i am a small person, and bub has been small for ages, but is still growing

I also had my check up last night with GP, and I measured 27 weeks instead of 29 weeks. I am quite a tall person, and didn't have that problem in previous pregnancies so I am a little worried. GP said we will see how I am measuring at my next appointment in 2 weeks.
I think its much easier to deal with to know that you aren't the only person going through the same thing. Hope everyone is OK??

wow, im so pleased that im not the only person who doesnt measure up right for my dates. I have 2 different dates but am going on my lmp date. My first 2 pregnancies i was huge, but am with a differnet male this time, who isnt as big as my ex. I feel that things will hopefully be easier with a smaller baby. Last 2 were 7 and 8 pounders.
Got a scan today to check for placental deficiency, to see if thats the reason I'm not as big. So I just want that over and done with to give me some peace of mind. Let you all know when I know. Hope everyone is ok??

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