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Can they get this wrong?!?! Rss

Wrong section but I need your help please as I'm very stressed and in a panic now!
I'm 38 weeks and 4 days preg and for the last few visits to the Dr he has said that my bubs feels like it will be no bigger than my DD (who was born 10 days over at 6lb 8). Last week he actually said I was measuring smaller than I should so today I went off for a scan just to check what was going on.
Anyway the sonographer did all her measurements and said I was having a big baby and that it was already 8lb 9 or 3.9kg and in the 90th percentile!?!?!

I'm in shock..everyone constantly tells me how small I am and then she comes out with this?
My question is could she be wrong? Have you had a late scan and been told something to have it way different? How could my Dr get it so wrong and how could I measure below average?

I don't know whether to go and wash all the 000 etc cos I've been expecting a small baby I only have 0000 ready and packed etc.

I see my Dr tomorrow and I hope he tells me shes wrong but could she be?
Kel dont panic sweets it is a guessimate both the doctors feeling and also the ultrasound. Ultrasounds are alot more accurate but they do say give or take. With Moo they told me she was going to be over 9lb and she was born 2 days late and was 7lb 13.5
SIL had a scan at 34 weeks with her first baby because she wasn't very big and the Dr was concerned with the baby's growth. They told her at the scan the baby weighed 6lb 10oz. He was born two days early and weighed 6lb 10oz!

So either they got it wrong or he did not grow or put on any weight at all in the last six weeks. My guess would be they got it wrong!

My babies are all grown up sad

Kel yeah don't stress, they had me monitored due to diabetes and were going to perform a c-sect at 37 weeks because bub was so big according to them he was already bigger than a full term, man I was freaking out the other kids were all big kids and I was expecting huge!!! So we only bought 000+ clothes cause the others did not go smaller than that and we were having a big baby right... well DS made an entrance before they got to do the c-sect and he was a tiny one lol, DP had to go shopping as DS was needing 00000 and 000000 clothing.
there response to this "Oh must have all been fluid" lol

Leigha''s little men smile

If it makes you feel any better, DD was 11lb 9oz and was in 000 size clothes, Dont stress too much, the growth scans are up to 500g inaccurate on both sides.
Ohh you poor love how stressful that sounds!

HOnestly don't pay any attention so often those scans are incorrect, by moving their mouse thingo (very technical) by the slightest bit can give the wrong reading. I was told when I was in prem labour at 30wks that I was having a huge baby and it was lucky he was coming early because he was going to be huge and over 9pds probably because he was already over 8 or something stupid. He was born 2 weeks later 5 pounds 9.

Try not to worry I know easier said than done - your baby will be perfect!

Wear your baby out!!!

It is very easy for them to get it wrong, I had a scan at 37 weeks with my twins and they said that one was 7 pound 11, we were shocked as two weeks earlier he was 2 pounds lighter, so they remeasured his head and go 7 pounds 8. Then a week later I had him, keep in mind he had a week to grow and he was only 7 pounds 1.5 oz.

So for him it wasn't accurate at all. It was pretty close for the other twin. It just depends on whether they can see all of the baby. if the baby is down low in your pelvis it would make it much harder. Also turns out that Dallas (Twin 1) had a big head!

How time flies!!

Like the PP, my DS was 8lb2oz and was in 00000 and 0000 for the first few weeks anyway. I don't know what their accuracy is like with scans - but both my OBs predicted between 8 & 8 1/2 lbs for DS so I guess they were pretty spot on!!! (Although for 3 weeks prior they kept telling me I wouldn't make it through the weekend - talk about a letdown each time Monday rolled around LOL)
Also at the end of the day, it doesn't matter how much the baby weighs, it comes down to how big their head and shoulders are. I had a 8 pound 13 baby and a 10pound 3 baby and the heads were the same size as my 7pound 1.5oz baby. It all feels the same when it comes out, just the 8/ 9 pounder babies have a little bit more meat on their legs and arms!

How time flies!!

I had an ultrasound at Monash the day they induced me with Luke, they told me on the scan he was 8lb, 14oz.
I delivered him at 4am the next morning at 6lb,11 oz, so it is only an etimate
Thanks everyone for the replies. I'm feeling a bit better about it but still know I'm going to stress from now until shes born just in case she's huge. Its just more the shock of being told that when your expecting to be told its 6lb something...

On a brighter note everything is perfect and she's 100% girl!

I just have to go now and get the 000's out and washed just in case
I was told at 3 different u/s that Kaitlin would be about 9-10lbs, I was freaking out!!! Then she was born 6lb 9oz, so it was all ok!

Don't stress, they're probably wrong!!!

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