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how much weight have you gained? Lock Rss

you dont have to answer if you dont want too.

i was 45kg now i am 52kg so 7 kg. poor DP said i would be bout 65!! didnt talk to him for a bit haha

I'm lucky - I've lost weight.
But I had extra to start with!
I started at 107 and am now roughly 103..
Mind you I get really sick when pregnant and don't eat much.. Plus the other week I had gastro and didn't eat for a few days so there goes a kilo or two..
i should mention i am 34 weeks on wednesday

You're so lucky to have only put on 7kgs!!!! Im 40+ weeks and Ive put on sooo much...lets just say i started at 55.6kg and I now way im a little shamed...good thing is I dont look fat! So i dont know where its all gone lol

my dad said my weight gain is all baby and fluid... he said if i am not carefull bubby will weigh more then me lol

well lets hope not...that would be one big baby lol

not much yet, im 28 weeks tomorrow and have only put on about 10kg. it may seem like a lot but at term with jy i had put on about 40kg and with zak about 20kg so with this one im not doing too bad just yet.
Im not too sure exactly how much weight ive put on i try to ignore that but in 4 weeks (over xmas) i gained 7kg, thats bad hehe. With my first bub i was tiny when i fell pregnant, not an ounce of fat and i packed on 20kg, But lets just say i use the excuse im eating for two hehe. I am 33 weeks.
I am 12 weeks and have just put on my 1st kilo. My other pregnancies I was lucky and only gained 3kgs with 1st,4kgs with 2nd and 5kgs with 3rd baby..

Im 27 weeks and have only put on 4 kg (this was in the last two weeks while I was on holiday!)

With DS I put on 10 for the whole pregnancy.
I am 30 weeks preggy and have put on 11kg darn those choccie cravings. Although everyone says its all baby imo most of it is but not all lol. My first dd was a big bubba and i think this one will be too.

BTW i dont mean the whole 11kgs is baby either lol.
[Edited on 18/02/2008]
I've been the same weight basically since puberty, so for me, the 10kgs I've put on feel like a lot!! It's all in my belly though...

Fingers crossed for the next 10 weeks...

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