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how much weight have you gained? Lock Rss

First bub i put on 9kgs the whole pregnancy, bub weighed a little less the 4kg so ALL BABY!!!

This time round-im nearly 18 weeks, starting weight was 52kg im now 52.2kg! i definately have a belly so i dunno whats going on with the scales!

first pregnancy weighed 79kg start, lost 3kg 1st trimester end 97kg. Total weight gain 18kg! Lost 13kg in the first weeks post delivery

This time around I prob started at 84kg, ( had got down to 79kg in the meantime but crept back up), weighed a couple days ago at 97kg, last couple of days gained weight (fluid) i am so swollen! 99.7kg!!! Total weight gain so far 15.7kg! hopefully wont tip the scales over 100kg as its all (the extra)fluid!


Also must add even though these are large amounts.
I get lots of comments about not looking fat just pregnant!
All the weight is in my belly
And hand and feet now with the swelling!



I started at 73kg dropped to 67kg. Wasn't sick just craved healthy food and went off the junk that I normally love!!! Am now 27 weeks and have just hit 72kg. Have started putting the weight on now but I ended up at 82kg with both my other pregnancies. I guess we'll see what happens this time.

I started at 57.5kg and just in the last couple of weeks I have started to put weight on the scales. I now weigh 59kg. I've had a belly for around 7 weeks so i'm glad the scales are finally moving.
i was underweight to begin with for both. i was 55, am now 76 (at 25 weeks) with dd#1 i started at 56 and the day i had her i weighed 94. i don't mind putting on the weight as i know it's for a good cause, i just wish i had clothes that fit. lol i will probably lose it all again. i hope i keep a bit on tho, go back to what i was b4 i had glandular fever in yr 12 (i was 68)

I'd put on almost 30kgs before falling pregnant. I started at 103, then thanks to morning sickness, got down to 86 and am now sitting around 90-91.5, so I guess I've only 'put on' 5 kgs.

With my last pregnancy I put on 20kgs before falling pregnant so started about 92. I was sick with morning sickness and gallbladder probs throughout the pregnancy, so lost weight. When I went in for my c/sect, I was 86 and when I left hospital, I had to go back in to have strips put over my cut and I was down to 72 - pre, pre pregnancy weight!

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I am 36 weeks and I too have lost weight I am at the moment 6.5kg lighter than when I fell pregnant. With DS I was 15kg lighter after I gave birth than when I fell pregnant with him also...I often joke that prganancy has been the best diet for me...


Well when i found out at 16weeks that i was pregnant again i was around 75kgs. I had started goin to the gym to lose the baby weight after having my daughter Victoria 4 1/2 months earlier and in the those 16weeks i lost around 6kgs. At the present time i am 33weeks and weigh around 82.5kg so have put on around 8kgs.
With my 1st pregnancy i got up to around 90kgs dont think i will get there.
I think most of my weight is baby and the extra stuff.
7 weeks to go and i cant wait.

I put on 14.5 kilos with my daughter. I went 10 days over my due date. I was 77kg and I'm 79 now. I was pretty lucky, I put a little bit of weight on my thighs (which I really actually hate because I can never lose that weight, it just stays there for ever lol!) but nowhere else. Would have rather it be on my belly!
i started at 82kg and i'm now 98.5kg ( man i hope i don't put on much more) so about 17 kg weight gain so far. last few months i gained about 2.6kg a month.

people say i don't look like i have put on weight it is all in my belly and a little on my bum.

man i hope it all drops off when the baby is born.


Im almost 26 weeks and have put on about 7.5kg so far. Was 66kg to start with, and now around 74kg. With my first I gained somewhere around 14kg, which I thought was heaps (had heaps of swelling and fluid with that one).

My OB has the world's kindest scales - around 2kg lighter than my GP's and mine. Went for a monthly visit and his scales said I had only gained 1kg - nurse goes "You are doing really well!" and I was thinking "Yeah - I wish!! If only you knew...."

Mine is all belly. Thighs, bum and boobs a little bit bigger, but could still wear my usual clothes if it wasn't for this belly.

My belly is huge - a girl in the baby shop asked if I was having twins...! I was enquiring about a double electric breat-pump, so maybe that set her on the wrong track (at least that's what I'm telling myself!)

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