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how much weight have you gained? Lock Rss

Hi, I've gained about 10kg so far and am will probably reach 80kg at term. I gained 13kg with my daughter but didn't lose it all before falling pregnant this time around. So I'm aiming to get back to my original pre-preg weight (before DD) of under 60kg, which is gonna take a lot of work!
i am not 12wks yet and i have already put on like 3 to 4kg in the last 4wks i am thinking that seems to be alot and i don't eat huge amounts either but i do still get really tired
I'm 39 weeks and have only gained 10kgs. But I don't think weight gain is that important anymore, at my hospital they don't even weigh us at each visit, only at the first, then up to us to weigh ourselves. As long as baby is healthy don't worry about your weight, you can lose it after bubs is born.

Nothing yet, I am still regaining the weight I lost due to morning sickness.
I have gained 8.5kg and I am 33 weeks tomorrow.
I lost weight in the last pregnancy (needed to!).


I am also Ruby''''s mum!

Im 27 weeks and have gained just approximately 8 kilos and all in the 2nd trimester.

I'm currently 84.5 kilos. I'm hoping not to put on too much more but am not overly worried as most of it is belly, boobs and fluid smile

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I was just wondering if anyone actually lost weight in their first trimester? I am over 6 weeks and i have actually lost 2 kilos the last couple of weeks. With DS i had put on 4 kilos in the first trimester. I have had a bit of morning sickness but haven't actually spewed anything up yet so just wondering why the weight loss? Is it bad for my baby?
I lost 5kgs in my first trimester.
Since then i have put on about 8kgs.

ohhh i really wish i could be like you girls

Im scared to death about piling on weight again. Last pregnancy i put on 32kgs. Lost most of it, apart from a few in 18 months

Now im 10 weeks pregnant and trying to hard not to gain so much weight. If i dont go over 20 i'll be happy!
Hey GucciMama

Yeah I lost weight in the first trimester, I'd lost 13 kgs by the time I was 12 weeks pregnant. That was mostly thanks to shocking morning sickness - vomiting and just not being able to eat anything - no desire to eat.

As far as I understand it, bubs takes what it needs from you and leaves you with the rest, which I guess means that you are the one to miss out rather than bubs. I spoke to my GP a few times about losing weight during the pregnancy, and he wasn't too concerned (mind you I had enough to spare). If you are worried, I'd mention it to your Dr next time you see them.

Hope you are feeling better soon - MS SUCKS!


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Well I have put on 4 kg since being pregnant with this one and i am 29 weeks pregnant. i was 62kg when i got pregnant. s

Thanks for the reassurance guys, its good to know that bubs gets in first before me.

Denae, i know what you mean about the first pregnancy weight gain. I gained about 27 kilos with my first and considering i was only 50kg when i started it was a hell of alot of weight gain. Lost most of it except about 5 kilos before this one.
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