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how much weight have you gained? Lock Rss

Last time I checked it was 2.5kg and that was about 3 weeks ago. Definitely all baby.

I weighed myself today and have lost a total of 13kgs so far this pg. Last pg I was down about 20kgs at this stage so I'm doing better. I have the worst m/s and can barely eat anything. My diet currently consists of:

breaky - bowl of milo cereal
m/tea - 2 x fruit and spice muffins
lunch - 4 x pieces of vegemite toast
a/tea - 2 x fruit and spice muffins or 2 peaches
dinner - 4 x pieces of toast or a small bowl of pasta with napoletana sauce
and occasionally another muffin or piece of fruit later in the evening if I'm a bit hungry. It's a hell of a lot more than I ate last time.

I'm jealous of you who are putting on weight because it prob means you are actually able to eat something substantial. Or at least a bit more interesting than what I'm eating.
I'm expecting baby number 2 and am about 20 weeks pregnant and so far have put on 2 kg, My usual weight is 52Kg and currently weigh 53.8...not really keeping track of weight more on how healthy my bub is...
you know what who cares really. I am normally 73kg and i am 16 weeks and i have put on 5 kgs. at first i was sad, but i thought, i am only harming the baby by worrying about the way i look! i am pregnant, and i look pretty good. i know i should start to exercise and i will, but right now, i am just taking it easy, i eat what i want moderatly, and i give in to all my cravings....everyone, just chill, unless you are eating takeaway everyday and being silly, just enjoy this time, you have the rest of your life to car about your weight


supa_dupa_mum, i just have to say that people DO care and i completely understand why.

If someone is worried about their weight gain, then let them be. I was told the same thing during my first pregnancy and guess what, i did stop worrying and gained over 30kgs!

You know, if i did actually worry about what i put into my mouth i wouldn't of been so depressed about it.

Thats great you don't see a problem with your weight during pregnancy and would be nice for everyone to see it like that but they don't.

I know i sure as hell dont after last time! lol

Hope you can see what im trying to say
I agree with Denae. Putting on too much weight and not watching what you eat during pregnancy can actually be harmful to both mother and baby. Not to mention a higher risk of getting things like gestational diabetes and so on.
Hi all,

I am 23 weeks pregnant and have gained 2kg, with my 1st i only gained a total of about 4kg i had sever MS so lost weight at the start, gained about 7kg in the middle and lost about 3kg about a month before she was born.Everyone is different and as long as your baby and you are healthy just enjoy

hey everyone im currently 25 weeks pregnant im not quite sure what my current weight is but i know when i started out i was 86 kilos and now im about 80 i think roughly i dont have a very big bump but i def lost a bit im jus hoping a bit more weight goes on lol.
po - so jealous of what you can eat even with m/s. I think the best I could do on my 'better' days was 2L of flavoured milk, or cordial, and sometimes 5 jatz or plain biscuits.

I'm still losing weight, even though I'm eating properly now. I was weighed at the Dr the other day and I've lost another 2kgs. I must have lost a lot of weight when I spent so much time at the hospital with Matthew (well only ate once a day, so it's not surprising really), because since then I've been eating like a horse!

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