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hungry hungry hippo Lock Rss

well i'm not actually a hippo but i am hungry all the time last night i finished my dinner 5 mins later i was hungry again i'm not talking nibbling all day i mean i'm hungry i'm trying to eat fruit and all those good things. does anyone else have this problem?

Rylee 2 big brother to Tyler mummy angel boys

Just as I was reading this I was finishing off my second pack of M&Ms. I don't even know how I got them! I am hungry all of the time, my life revolves around food at the moment. Thank goodness I haven't put on any extra kilos in the wrong place. I also try to eat good, healthy food but when you are so hungry you tend to grab whatever is quick.

QLD, Grace 04/02/2006

I absolutely crave fries/chips anything fatty....

My fave at the moment is fries and sundried tomatoes in a sandwich ... yumm

enough about me

Ronan is the boy 26/04/2006

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