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Maternity Bras - When and What Brand? Lock Rss

Hi Girls,

I'm just curious when in your pregnancy are you supposed to start wearing maternity bras?

Also, what brands have you found comfortable and affordable?

Thanks in advance.
I brought some triumph bra's and have been wearing them since I was about 12 weeks pregnant

I got one when i was about 12 weeks as i was extremely sore and it was the only one that didn't hurt. It was just a $20 from Kmart, not sure what brand as i cut the tag out.

i started wearing them at about 8 weeks because my boobs were very sore and underwire hurt them. i went to bras n things and spent between $40-$60 on most of mine.
my favourite maternity bra at the moment is by the brand Lovable.

You should not be wearing underwire bras from 16wks pregnant because they can cause blocked milk ducts and lead to problems breast feeding and breast infections (or so my midwife told me).

As for maternity bra's, it depends how much money you have, I have got some hotmilk ones and they have been lovely, they are the only comfortable bras I have had to wear throughout this pregnancy. I also have some bendon ones which I wore with my DS and they were good once I had bubs but I cant remember what I wore when preg with him. Depending on how much money you have and where you are from (I am in NZ) then Bendon has bought out a new range called Bendon Motherlove and it has both breastfeeding bras and bras designed for pregnancy. They look lovely and I hear are really comfy. It just depends if you want to buy bras now and then again to breastfeed, I personally couldnt be bothered, I just wanted whatever was comfortable and didnt want to have to buy more later!

I bought my first maternity bra at around 18 weeks because my doctor got mad at me for still wearing underwire bras.

I picked mine up from Target, I wasn't actually looking for one but I walked past a shelf stacked full of them!
They had obviously only just put them out because my size was actually there. It's difficult for me to find bras as I have large boobs already, it's annoying sad
But it has to be the most comfy thing i have ever worn!!


I started at about 12 weeks also but I brought lots of different bras. Cheap ones and $$$ ones. My fav are from Elle.M. as they wash well and last a long time. This will be our thrid baby and some have lasted five years.

And once your milk comes in well and true I highly recomend getting a fitting by a pro. It sounld never cost you anything and if done well you will know why I recomend it.

I used to work as a bra fitter. Maternity bras are generally designed to be worn from 16 weeks. Usually you will buy a full cup and back size up from what you would normally wear ie if you were a 12D you would get a 14DD. the bra should feel comfortable with plenty of extra cup room (at 16 weeks so that it will take you through the pregancy and into feeding time hopfully). you pull the bra downwards and the extra room sits under your boob (hard to explain which is why you should be fitted). The bra should fit you on the tightest back hook, then the idea is to let out a hook each month-ish there after. Try bras n things, they are fitters so you can get the right size and everything. Then buy there or try target or somewhere else afterwards.

Thank you very much for the replies....I think I'm off to get a bra fitted in a few weeks lol.
You're size will change a few times but right now I have a bit of saggy boobs due to feeding my daughter for 14months but my god send was the BONDS maternity bras...they are great! i have cleavage again grin But after I had bub in the early days i used the hesta brand as they aren't tight on your breast and they aren't padded. Tightness isn't good when you have full boobs and they are quiet thin so if you have sore nipple it allows them to breathe.

I bought two Elle Macpherson bras in April 2004 and I ahve been wearing them ever since.
No i am not kidding, i have been pregs or breastfeeding since April 2004. and sometimes both.

omigod I should get a life!!!!!!!!!

just think, this time next year I will be digging out a huge box of SEXY underwire lacy bras from the back of the wardrobe, it will be like CHristmas!!!!!

3 girls under 3

I got a Triumph one through MYER size 22 G I ended up being with my last bubba. It cost around the $70 mark but heck it's comfy but not much good at the moment while I'm Pregnant since i've not gone that big again haha.

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