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Maternity Bras - When and What Brand? Lock Rss

I got my bras from Target and Kmart as they have good brands there and they dont cost a fortune. I decided to do this incase my size changed too much towards the end of whilst feeding. My OBGYN said to get them from 12weeks onwards due to blocked milk ducts and BF troubles. I am already wearing them again with this pregnancy as my nipples are really tender at the moment. I will be investing in some new ones soon but as we are going to Brisbane for Easter and so is my sister we are leaving DD with DH and Grandpa and going shopping at DFO so will have a look there first and the ones I have I think I will grow out of farily quickly this time round.

i got my bars from BW and those singlet bf feeding tops too, great when in hop and running around the house, i got 2 tops and 3 bars as when my milk started i was leaking a lot but after a few weeks it carmed down,

i got a larger one too as when i got a bigger belly they needed to be bigger, and my boobs got bigger to, im normaly a 12 b but i ended up useing a 16 dd after bf im back to a 14 c i hope this helps bye
i'm a 10c and i have only looked once and that was in myer. and i couldnt find a bra that could fit me cause they all looked way to big... can i have some help to please.


With my first son- 16 next week OMG! I left it til late in the pregnancy and got fitted at Myers. The lady that did my fitting said that around 12 weeks is a good time. And I still have those bras, I think they were Berlei. Most of my others have come from Target.
I also tend to wear sports(wireless) bras for the first part of pregnancy. They are comfy and supportive. Also I don't want to wear out my maternity bras before I've even used them for feeding.

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I started wearing one from 7 weeks. Big W has $20.00 ones up to a DD. if you need bigger, Bra's N Things has them for around $40.00 also best and less has the pregnancy cammies, but I can't remember the price. around $15-20, but also only upto DD.

Hi girls,

I had a hard time finding bras to fit too, being a 12G! Triumph have some nice ones, but be prepared to spend a fair bit. As for wearing them while pregnant.....I was wearing an underwire right up until half way through my labour!! As long as the the underwire isnt cutting into you, you're ok. The new bendon range is nice, but they only tend to do up to a 16F, and then only in some of them.
I didn't go into a maternity bra until about 6 months. The underwires were still confortable so I didn't worry about it until I had to upsize anyway.

If your on the smaller side (under a 14d) all the chain stores seem to have a great range at great prices. But if like me your are bigger than that to start with then I highly recommend the Bendon or Lovable range. I managed to get both in a 16F for under $50. I even found a pretty one!!

The factory shops quite often carry them now too. It's definitly worth checking them out to get last seasons colours for way less.
with the maternity brs they only start at 12 (well the ones i have seen in myer) and thats to big for me i'm a smaller girl with my 10c i have them on the tightes clip. all my bras are underwire and they are not uncomfortable but i need to get new ones 10d cause my boots have gotten bigger.
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You'd be surprised how comfy and good quality the plain old target ones are. And because they're so cheap (especially when target are having one of their "% off" sales) you can have a few different colours, different styles, and a few spares.

My big tip is to avoid the lacy ones (I don't even know why they make lacy maternity bras!?!?) Your boobs will be SO sore at times, the softer the fabric the better.

For your first one get it fitted!!!!!!!! I can't stress that enough!!!!!!! The style well it's personal but I agree with another message the softer the better!! I made the mistake of Lace DON"T DO IT TO YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I spent a small fortune on the lacy one "just for going out!" and ended up tossing it out! I was in agony! With all my pregnancy's i was half way through my first trimester when fitted for the first time then totted off to target till I couldn't get my size. Next pregnancy I'll have to stick with Bra's n things Target dosn't make a 12e
Yep - I got mine fitted to and am so glad I did. They're from bras and things and are the most comfortable things I've worn. I spent about $40 on each.

I am about 33 weeks pregnant and I have been very good this time round and not worn underwire at all, but it has been a bit of a challenge - it's amazing how much you rely on those strapless or unusual bras for that shirt which just needs something different.
At Christmas I had pretty much worn out the few softish bras I had and asked my hubbie to try the factory outlets near where he works, consequently I ended up with a really fabulous Calvin Klein bra which is all one piece, meaning no harsh elastic under the boobs, but looks like a normal bra - not a sports bra. unfortunately it was the last one and I haven't seen them anywhere else. I am about to go and purchase my nursing bras anyway - so I guess they will do from here on in.
Good luck with it all - stay comfy and remember - if this is your first bub, your boobs are going to sag after becoming, "working boobs" anyway, don't stress out too much, relax and give them a bit of air now and then! It really won't make that much difference to the final outcome of it all - but the release of not wearing a bra even for an hour or two can be such a stress relief, (especially if you are suffering from heartburn and can't stand the pressure on your chest.)
Good luck with everything!

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